The Nail Wheel Of Fortune – Month Two – July 2013

The Nail Wheel of Fortune

Month Two

July 2013

So for the month if July, in an effort to wear some of my less used nail varnishes, I resurrected my Nail Wheel if Fortune idea, where I have been randomly picking a nail varnish to wear, click here to see the inspiration behind the idea and here to see the first month. The exception to this rule is when I decided to do nail art, which happened on a couple of occasions this month. I also tried to change my nail varnish at least every other day.

The first colour I randomly picked was Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear’s Crushed, which is a lovely metallic orange colour.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Crushed

My next pick was Accessorize’s Tuscan Clay and I ceeated an accent nail with OPI’s Teenage Dream.

Tuscan Clay with Teenage Dream

Then my pick was Nubar’s Boyfriend Jeans and I created an accent nail with Starrily’s Cosmos Dark Matter, a nail varnish I was just dying to use and can’t wait to use again.

Boyfriend Jeans with Cosmos Dark Matter

My next pick was Wet n Wild Megalast’s Tropicalia and I created and accent nail with Orly’s Sunglasses At Night. I love Sunglasses At Night but next time I wear it I think I’m going to layer it over a darker colour.

Tropicalia with Sunglasses At Night

My next random pick was Barry M’s Ruby Glitter. I wore this over Barry M’s Strawberry Ice-cream. I was originally going to layer this over something dark, but I’m so glad I went with the light pink, I absolutely adored this manicure!

Strawberry Ice-Cream with Ruby Glitter

Next was Essie’s Head Mistress, which is a darker shade to what I would usually wear at this time of year. But this is one of my all time favourite red nail varnishes and I really enjoyed wearing it.

Essie Head Mistress

My next pick was Essie’s Watermelon and I created French tips on my nails with Barry M’s Gold Foil and Cyan Blue.

Watermelon with Cyan Blue and Gold Foil tip

I was so happy when I chose this next colour! We did have something of a heatwave (for England at least) and to randomly pick a bright colour was brilliant. It was Barry M’s SLE2013B, which is their limited edition neon green currently available at Superdrug and I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri’s Whirlwind White as base. I really enjoyed wearing this, it has fast become one of my favourite nail varnishes and I got a lot of nice comments from my work colleagues when I did wear it.

Barry M SLE2013B

The next varnish I picked randomly was China Glaze’s I’m Not Lion. I wore this over Barry M’s Berry Ice-cream. The glitter is so fine and dense you could very easily get it opaque on it’s over, but I just used one coat over by base colour. And I loved how you could just see very subtle hints of purple through the glitter, it looked really delicate and pretty.

I'm Not Lion over Berry Ice-Cream

Then I was brave and attempted my second ever water marble. I used Zoya’s Snow White as by base and then created the actual marble with Barry M’s Key Lime, Berry Ice-cream, Guava and Greenberry.

Green, Blue and Purple Water Marble

Then I done some Ice-Cream cone nail art. The nail varnishes I used to create this look we Palm Springs, Make Up and Raccoon from American Apparel, Zoya’s Snow White and Lemon Ice-cream, Strawberry Ice-cream, Berry Ice-cream, Mint Green, Blue Moon from Barry M.

Ice-Cream Nail Art

My next random pick was China Glaze’s Orange You Hot? and I used this in this Sunset Palm Tree Nail Art look I created. I used Zoya’s Snow White for base, China Glaze’s Splish Splash, Pool Party, Surfin’ For Boys and Orange You Hot? for gradient and A-England’s Camelot for trees. This is possibly the favourite nail art look I have ever done and that’s saying something. But this was so pretty and really nice and summery.

Sunset Palm Tree Nail Art (2)Sunset Palm Tree Nail Art (3)

Next up was more nail art, this time I wore this Cactus Nail Art look. Click here to see how I created this look.

Cactus Nail Art

My next pick was Zoya’s Manhattan Mixer and I layered this over Zoya’s Jacqueline. This looked quiet pretty, but the drier time took forever. And when I woke up the next morning I had imprints in my nails, despite giving them a few hours to dry the previous evening. So needless to say I did not wear this look for very long.

Manhattan Mixer over Jacqueline

The next nail varnish to be randomly chose was China Glaze’s I Herd That. This is from the same collection as I’m Not lion which was choose earlier in the month and it is the same fine milled glitter. I was this over Butter London’s Teddy Girl. I’m not sure what made we try out this colour combination, and I’m not entirely sure what I think of it!

I Herd That over Teddy Girl

More nail art next. This time I wore this Galaxy Nail Art look. The nail varnishes I used to create this look were A-England’s Camelot, Barry M’s Navy, Barry M’s Lemon Ice-cream, Barry M’s Flamingo Pink, Zoya’s Snow White, Butter London’s Frilly Knickers and New York Color Expert Last’s Lights-Camera-Glitter.

Galaxy Nail Art

And again more nail art for my next look. I created this Lime and Lemon Nail Art look while watching the TV eagerly to see if the Duchess of Cambridge had gave birth to her baby. The colours I used to create this look were 17 Lasting Fix’s Mellow Yellow, Avon Nailwear Pro+’s Divine Lime, Zoya’s Snow White, New York Color In A Minute’s Lexington Yellow and New York Color In A Minute’s High Line Green.

Lime and Lemon Nail Art

My next pick was H&M’s Pear Icecream. I had just reached my first ever package from Harlow and Co when I was painting my nails and I was desperate to use one of my new nail varnishes so I created an accent nail with Lac Attack’s Holidays in Hogsmeade.

Pear Icecream with Holidays In Hogsmeade

The next pick was Essie’s Huckle Buckle. I remembered that this nail varnish is quite sheer, so I decided to layer it over A-England’s Guinevere.

Huckle Buckle over Guinevere

Then the name of our future king was announced and I wore this Royal Baby nail art look. Click here to see how I created this look.

Royal Baby Nail Art (2)

My next pick was OPI’s Casino Royale and I created an accent nail with OPI’s You Glitter Be Good To Me, a combination I have worn before and loved.

Casino Royale with You Glitter Be Good To Me

Next was more nail art and I created this Sunset Over The Ocean Nail Art look. And I so totally can’t remember the nail varnishes I used. It looks really pretty though!

Sunset Over The Ocean Nail Art

And the final nail varnish I chose was a Makeup Academy varnish in Shade 15. I’ve had this nail varnish for years and I wasn’t really a big fan when I put it on, so I layered OPI’s Minnie Style over it.

Minnie Style over Makeup Academy Shade 15

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