Lip Balm Collection – Summer 2015

Lip Balm Collection

As of Sumer 2015

So I decided it was time to do an updated Lip Balm collection since my last on was in Autumn 2013 and you can click here to see that post. I am still absolutely obsessed with lip balm but I have been making an concentrated effort to try and use some up before buying more, which has kind of worked. You will notice some of the same products from my older post, but I have used quite a few things up, which I’m proud of. So on to what I actually have now.

Lip Balm Collection 2015 (1)

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You Beauty Discovery Box – August 2015

You Beauty Discovery Box

August 2015

So even though I haven’t been posting regularly, I never gave up my You Beauty Discovery Box, I just havent been sharing what I got on my blog. Heck, I’ve barely posted on my blog at all. But a couple of the products I have got have snuck into my Spring 2015 Empties post. But as I am now attempting to get back onto some sort of blogging schedule (and desparately hoping some people will still read), I thoight I’d share what I got in my August Box.

YBD August 2015 (1)

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Outfit of the Day – Warm Summer Christening

Outfit of the Day

Warm Summer Christening

The weather has been quite strange this summer where I live. One week I was wearing a jumper in the office, the next I was in a summer dress and sandals. It’s been humid and cloudy, we’ve had brilliant sunshine, we’ve had torrential rain. And I never really know what to wear to Christening’s anyway. I wanted to be dressy and look good, but it also needed to be respectable enough for Church.

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Bath Bomb Review – The Soapy Cauldron Strawberry Milshake Buried Treasure Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb Review

The Soapy Cauldron – Strawberry Milkshake Buried Treasure Bath Bomb

So, I ordered some things from the Soapy Cauldron website ages ago but never managed to do a haul post because life has been crazy (in a good way) so far in 2015. But I really, really want to try to get back in the swing of things with blogging. So I thought a Bath Bomb Review would do nicely.

Strawberry Milkshake Bath Bomb (3)

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Products I’ve Finished – Spring 2015

Products I’ve Finished

Spring 2015

Okay, so this is a collective Products I’ve Finished post from March, April and May 2015. I’m not going to waffle too much here, because there’s rather a lot to get through. I never seem to realise just how much stuff I use until I lay it out in front of me.

Spring 2015 Empties 002

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Outfit of the Day – Hen Party Night Out

Outfit of the Day

Hen Party Night Out

So it was my sister’s Hen Party the other weekend and I wanted to do a quick Outfit of the Day post to share what I wore when we went out on the night. We went to the Dreamboys show at Leeds and then stayed in the nightclub there, so we all got dressed up.


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Bath Bomb Review – Bomb Cosmetics Parma Chameleon Bath Blaster

Bath Bomb Review

Bomb Cosmetics – Parma Chameleon Bath Blaster

I love anything violet scented, so when I came across Bomb Cosmetics’ Parma Chameleon Bath Blaster, I simply had to try it. And firstly, how amazing is the name? And secondly, like all Bomb Cosmetics’ items, how cute is it?!

Parma Chameleon Bath Blaster (1)

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