Makeup Collection – Face Products – Summer 2014

Makeup Collection

Face Products

As of Summer 2014

After doing an overview of my Makeup Storage in this post here, I decided to go a little more in depth and show what I have in my collection as it has grown quite a lot this year, I’ve become a bit of a makeup addict recently. It isn’t going to be really in depth, but I am going to tell you what everything is. If you would like any swatches or a review on any of the items then please do let me know and I’ll look into doing that for you. I’m going to split my Makeup Collection into a series of three posts, one for lip products, one for eye products and one for face products. This is going to be the post for what I am calling face products and is basically all of my primers, foundations, tinted moisturisers, bronzers, powders, concealers and blushes. These occupy the big bottom section of the box I store my makeup up, pictured below.

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The Nail Wheel Of Fortune – Month Three – August 2013 – Neon and Glitter

The Nail Wheel of Fortune

Month Three

August 2013

This month I made my Nail Wheel of Fortune a little different. All my swatches correspond to a spreadsheet and every swatch has it’s own number. Since summer now seems to be drawing towards it’s end here in northern England, I decided that I wanted to wear more neon colours and more glitters. So I used to pick a number, and the first glitter or neon varnish under that number on my list is the one I wore.

And so this post is super late in going up, but one of my best friends came across from America for a visit and we went to Edinburgh, so I’ve been busy having fun!

So the first glitter randomly chosen was Lac Attack’s Muggles. I was originally going to layer this over E.l.f’s Lilac, but when I went to get that varnish E.l.f’s Mint Cream caught my eye and that is what I ended up using as my base colour.

Muggles over Mint Cream

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The Nail Wheel Of Fortune – Month Two – July 2013

The Nail Wheel of Fortune

Month Two

July 2013

So for the month if July, in an effort to wear some of my less used nail varnishes, I resurrected my Nail Wheel if Fortune idea, where I have been randomly picking a nail varnish to wear, click here to see the inspiration behind the idea and here to see the first month. The exception to this rule is when I decided to do nail art, which happened on a couple of occasions this month. I also tried to change my nail varnish at least every other day.

The first colour I randomly picked was Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear’s Crushed, which is a lovely metallic orange colour.

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Nail Art – Sailing Boat

Nail Art

Sailing Boat

If anyone read my May Nails of the Month post, then you know I’ve got a real thing for blue nail varnish at the moment. And I wanted to create a design on my nails which incorporated some of my favourite blue nail varnishes and was nice and summery. The result was this Sailing Boat nail art.

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Nails of the Month – May 2013

Nails of the Month

May 2013

How is May over already? We’ll be halfway through the year before we know it and that is super scary!

The first design I wore this month was the only real nail art I done and that was Fruit Nails. The base colour I used was George’s Cloudless Sky. On my thumb I created grapes and the purple I used was Barry M’s Indigo. On my index finger I created lemons and the yellow I used was New York Color In A Minute’s Lexington Yellow. On my middle finger I created oranges and the orange I used was Zoya’s Arizona. On my ring finger I created lines and the green I used was Jessica’s Lime Cooler and on my little finger I created apples and the red I used was Orly’s Poison Apple. On all nails the brown I used to create the stalks was E.l.f’s Smoky Brown and the green I used for the leaves was Collection 2000 Hot Looks’ Ninja.

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Nails of the Month – April 2013

Nails of the Month

April 2013

Gah! How is April over already? I know I probably say it in every Nails of the Month post, but where is this year going?! And a word of warning, I done a lot of nail art this month!

The first nail varnish I wore this month was Apricot Punch by Rimmel London Lasting Finish. I created an accent nail by layering Barry M’s Gold Mine Glitter over A-England’s Camelot. Apricot Punch is a nail varnish which I’ve had for years, it’s a lovely colour but it is a scented nail varnish and I’m not keen on scented nail varnish.

Apricot Punch with Gole Mine Glitter

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Nails of the Month – March 2013

Nails of the Month

March 2013

I kind of gave up on randomly picking nail varnishes from my swatches towards the beginning of the month, but I have been making a point of trying to use some of my lesser used nail varnishes. I also did quite a lot of nail art this month. And I have started to make the transition towards more spring type nail varnish, I didn’t wear many dark colours this month.

The first nail varnish I wore this month was a random pick and that was Wet n Wild Megalast’s 2% Milk. I loved this nail varnish, which I didn’t expect to. However it is quite sheer and you could see some staining on my nails through it from a blue colour I wore the other week, so I added a coat of Zoya’s Chloe to try and cover it. The photo is just of 2% Milk, without Chloe over it.

2% Milk

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