Nail Art – Titanic

Nail Art


I’ve been wanting to do some more nail art for a while but didn’t have any solid idea of what I wanted to do and then inspiration struck. I’m a huge history fan, and today marks 102 years since the Titanic sank. The Titanic’s story has always fascinated me and when I’m in the mood I really enjoy the film. So I’ve come up with this nail art design, which I thought I’d share with you. I would class them as nails based on the film Titanic, but in terms of the appearance of the ship I’d say the film is almost completely accurate, it was something James Cameron was quite particular about.

Titanic Nail Art 005

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Nails of the Month – March 2014

Nails of the Month

March 2014

As soon as March hits, I class it as Spring and I totally broke out the pastel nail varnishes and loved every minute of it. I’m still working the longer days with Thursday’s off and I’m still finding it difficult to paint my nails as much as I’d like. I also sleep at my grandparents at least once a week, so that gives me even less time as well.

The first manicure I did wear was to layer Nubar’s Lemon Lime Crush over Butter London’s Wellies. This has almost a neon quality to it and I’m totally loving Nubar’s new Crushed Candy collection.

Lemon Lime Crush over Wellies

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Top Five Light Blue Nail Varnishes – Winter 2013

Top Five Nail Varnishes

Light Blue

As Of Winter 2013

So next up in my Top Five Nail Varnishes series is Light Blue nail varnishes. You can see the previous posts in this series by clicking here. I love blue nail varnish and I really couldn’t pick out just five blue nail varnishes so I’ve split the colour into lights and darks.

In Fifth Place is Zoya’s Blu. This is a very white based light blue nail varnish and is probably the lightest blue I own. The formula is slightly thick so you have to be careful with application but it does cover fully with two coats.

Zoya Blu

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Nails of the Month – October 2013

Nails of the Month

October 2013

October was somewhat a strange month for me. I was nicely into all the autumnal shades and then I went on holiday with my mum and sister and felt the need to break out some brighter colours again!

The first colour I wore was A-England’s Lady of Shalott. This is one of the few A-England nail varnishes which disappoints me. It looks so much better in the bottle than it does on the nail, the blue shimmer doesn’t really translate all that well. But I only had around ten minutes to paint my nails, and I needed something which I knew I could get away with only doing one coat with, so this is what I grabbed.

A-England Lady of Shalott

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Nails of the Month – September 2013

Nails of the Month

September 2013

The first nail varnish was Zoya’s Nikki. This is one of my newest Zoya nail varnishes but I can easily seeing it becoming one of my favourites. I used Sephora by OPI’s Looks Like Rain, Dear to create an accent nail.

Nikki with Looks Like Rain, Dear

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Nails of the Month – April 2013

Nails of the Month

April 2013

Gah! How is April over already? I know I probably say it in every Nails of the Month post, but where is this year going?! And a word of warning, I done a lot of nail art this month!

The first nail varnish I wore this month was Apricot Punch by Rimmel London Lasting Finish. I created an accent nail by layering Barry M’s Gold Mine Glitter over A-England’s Camelot. Apricot Punch is a nail varnish which I’ve had for years, it’s a lovely colour but it is a scented nail varnish and I’m not keen on scented nail varnish.

Apricot Punch with Gole Mine Glitter

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Nails of the Month – March 2013

Nails of the Month

March 2013

I kind of gave up on randomly picking nail varnishes from my swatches towards the beginning of the month, but I have been making a point of trying to use some of my lesser used nail varnishes. I also did quite a lot of nail art this month. And I have started to make the transition towards more spring type nail varnish, I didn’t wear many dark colours this month.

The first nail varnish I wore this month was a random pick and that was Wet n Wild Megalast’s 2% Milk. I loved this nail varnish, which I didn’t expect to. However it is quite sheer and you could see some staining on my nails through it from a blue colour I wore the other week, so I added a coat of Zoya’s Chloe to try and cover it. The photo is just of 2% Milk, without Chloe over it.

2% Milk

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