Outfit of the Day – Warm Summer Christening

Outfit of the Day

Warm Summer Christening

The weather has been quite strange this summer where I live. One week I was wearing a jumper in the office, the next I was in a summer dress and sandals. It’s been humid and cloudy, we’ve had brilliant sunshine, we’ve had torrential rain. And I never really know what to wear to Christening’s anyway. I wanted to be dressy and look good, but it also needed to be respectable enough for Church.

Christening OOTD

I ended up wearing this playsuit with I got from New Look in shades of brown, orange and yellow and is probably one of my favourite purchases this year (and which I wore to my birthday meal while I was on holiday in Rhodes). The Christening provided the perfect excuse to wear it again.

Now it is rather short, and although it was a warm day, there was a bit of a breeze. So both to keep it respectful enough for Chruch, and to counter the breeze, I wore it over tights. These are just a plain black pair from Primark.

And since I wore it over tights, that ruled out any kind of sandals for shoes. So I went with my black, high heeled (for me anyway) boots from the brand Truffle, which I got from Asos. You can see them in my Hen Party Outfit of the Day here.

I had straightened my hair but to keep it out of my way, I swept it back in a loose high ponytail.

On my nails I wore OPI’s Goldeneye from the James Bond collection a couple of years ago, which I thought went with the playsuit very well.

Christening OOTD (2)

 And my lip colour of choice was my Mac lipstick in Spirit, which my sister got me for my birthday this year.

Christening OOTD (1)

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