Haul – Boots, Zara, Next, Fenwick and Candy Hero


Boots, Zara, Next, Fenwick and Candy Hero

It seems like a while since I’ve done a haul post, but this is the result of a shopping trip with my mum and sister the other week to York. We also went out for a really nice lunch while we were there and had an amazing time. I’m considering doing an Outfit of the Day post from this trip, let me know if you’d be interested. I did buy some Christmas presents, but these are the things I bought for myself. Quite a few of them I am classing as essentials. I think I’ve mentioned before but I’m in need of an entirely new winter wardrobe. I’m down to only two decent pairs of jeans and don’t have many smart casual tops which are decent to be seen in public with, most of the one’s I was wearing last winter are now so worn that they’re relegated to the lazy days spent curled up wearing only zone.

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What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag? – July 2014

What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?

July 2014

So, now that I’m back from Portugal (I wish I was still there), I thought I’d do an updated What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag post. My makeup collection has expanded a lot since I done my Spring What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag post from my trip to Paris. And also since I went for two weeks, I took a fairly sizeable chunk of it with me.

For face and eye products I used this sturdy, see through bright green bag, which I got from WH Smith and is technically supposed to be a pencil case, but it worked brilliantly for makeup.

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Makeup Collection – Lip Products – Summer 2014

Makeup Collection

Lip Products

As of Summer 2014

So the last post in my makeup collection series is about all my lip products. This is by far the largest part of my collection. You can see an overview of my Makeup Storage by clicking here and you can see the other parts of my collection series by clicking here. My lip products are stored in the top three compartments of my makeup storage, as shown in the photo below.

Makeup Organisation Summer 2014 003

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Makeup Collection – Face Products – Summer 2014

Makeup Collection

Face Products

As of Summer 2014

After doing an overview of my Makeup Storage in this post here, I decided to go a little more in depth and show what I have in my collection as it has grown quite a lot this year, I’ve become a bit of a makeup addict recently. It isn’t going to be really in depth, but I am going to tell you what everything is. If you would like any swatches or a review on any of the items then please do let me know and I’ll look into doing that for you. I’m going to split my Makeup Collection into a series of three posts, one for lip products, one for eye products and one for face products. This is going to be the post for what I am calling face products and is basically all of my primers, foundations, tinted moisturisers, bronzers, powders, concealers and blushes. These occupy the big bottom section of the box I store my makeup up, pictured below.

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Top Five Dark Blue Nail Varnishes – Spring 2014

Top Five Dark Blue Nail Varnishes

As of Spring 2014

It seems like forever since I last done a Top Five post, so next in my Top Five series are my Top Five favourite dark blue nail varnishes. I’ve already listed my top five light blue nail varnishes and you can see all other posts in my Top Five series by clicking here. Blue is one of my favourite colours anyway and it’s definitely one of my favourite colours to wear on my nails and when I was thinking about varnishes I wanted to feature in this post because they hadn’t fit into my top five light blues, I came to the conclusion that I’m going to have to do a Top Five Medium Blue post as well, so that will be coming soon. This poor post, I’ve had it finished for a while now, but with me attempting to schedule posts ahead so I always have one going up every other day, this just kept getting shoved to the back as I had things I needed/wanted to go up sooner. But for now, on to my Top Five Dark Blue Nail Varnishes, in reverse order.

In Fifth place is NYX’s Titantic. I love this colour, but it only makes fifth place because it chips really quickly on me. It’s a gorgeous deep metallic blue though. One of the things that attracted me to this nail varnish originally was the name.

NYX Titanic

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Haul – River Island, Accessorize, H&M, Next, Topshop, Superdrug and Boots – April 2014


River Island, Accessorize, H&M, Next, Topshop, Superdrug and Boots

April 2014

Despite the shops named in this haul, you might be surprised to find that it is mostly a Spring makeup haul. There are a couple of other things as well, but the majority is makeup. I pretty much wear the same makeup everyday when I am wearing it, but I’ve wanted to change it up a little bit for Spring recently, so I’ve treated myself to a couple of new lip products and some blushes among other things. These were gathered over a couple of trips with my mum and sister when we had a couple of days off work together.

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The Nail Wheel of Fortune – Month One – February 2013

The Nail Wheel of Fortune

Month One

February 2013

The first month of randomly picking which nail varnish to wear!

The first random colour I picked from my nail wheels was China Glaze’s Pool Party. And my automatic thought was “why am I doing this?!” I only really wear neons in the summer and I think I wore Pool Party on my toes constantly for about two months last year. I created an accent nail with a new-to-me nail varnish, which is Lime Crime’s Pastelchio (I love this nail varnish).

Pool Party with Pastelchio

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Nails of the Month – December 2012

Nails of the Month

December 2012

I didn’t actually wear that many different nail designs this month. I started the month all excited about doing loads of Christmassy nail art, but then family drama of the bad sort happened and then I got ill, so my nails were not a priority and for about a week and a half period I either had really chipped nail varnish on, or no nail varnish on whatsoever, something which has not happened since about March!

Anyway, at the beginning of December (it seems like a lifetime ago) I had a really important meeting for work, which involved a day trip to another city. So I reached for my go-to nail varnish when I want to look professional and that is China Glaze’s Fast Track.

Fast Track

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Nails of the Month – September 2012

Nails of the Month

September 2012

I’ve worn a lot of different nail varnishes this month, I’ve been changing my nail varnish every couple of days and I thought I’d share what I’ve been wearing on my nails this month.

I was making the most of the end of summer to wear my neon nail varnish and this look combines China Glaze’s Flirty Tankini with an accent nail in China Glaze’s Sun-Kissed. I think Flirty Tankini is my favourite nail varnish from China Glaze’s Summer Neon’s collection.

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