Products I’ve Finished – February 2015

Products I’ve Finished

February 2015

I’ve got a handful of things which I’ve finished in February to share today. There’s a load of things that I want to buy and to try, but I’m determined to finish some of the products I already own before hand. I love doing my Products I’ve Finished posts, there is often such a feeling of accomplishment when I have finished a product!

Products I've Finished Feb 15 (1)

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The Nail Wheel Of Fortune – Month Two – July 2013

The Nail Wheel of Fortune

Month Two

July 2013

So for the month if July, in an effort to wear some of my less used nail varnishes, I resurrected my Nail Wheel if Fortune idea, where I have been randomly picking a nail varnish to wear, click here to see the inspiration behind the idea and here to see the first month. The exception to this rule is when I decided to do nail art, which happened on a couple of occasions this month. I also tried to change my nail varnish at least every other day.

The first colour I randomly picked was Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear’s Crushed, which is a lovely metallic orange colour.

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Nails of the Month – May 2013

Nails of the Month

May 2013

How is May over already? We’ll be halfway through the year before we know it and that is super scary!

The first design I wore this month was the only real nail art I done and that was Fruit Nails. The base colour I used was George’s Cloudless Sky. On my thumb I created grapes and the purple I used was Barry M’s Indigo. On my index finger I created lemons and the yellow I used was New York Color In A Minute’s Lexington Yellow. On my middle finger I created oranges and the orange I used was Zoya’s Arizona. On my ring finger I created lines and the green I used was Jessica’s Lime Cooler and on my little finger I created apples and the red I used was Orly’s Poison Apple. On all nails the brown I used to create the stalks was E.l.f’s Smoky Brown and the green I used for the leaves was Collection 2000 Hot Looks’ Ninja.

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Nail Art – Snowy Winter Town

Nail Art

Snowy Winter Town

I wore this design at the beginning of December. It seemed like ages since I had done any nail art and Christmas should have provided plenty of opportunities to rectify that fact. However, it is now January, and I’m only just getting around to posting this. Family drama and being ill meant that I didn’t get to do any other nail art last month. Even when I wore this design I didn’t feel very Christmassy, and although this is inspired by the wintery town scenes you get on Christmas cards I’m tending to think of this as more winter nail art rather than Christmas nail art.

Snowy Winter Town Nails

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Nails of the Month – October 2012

Nails of the Month

October 2012

I haven’t worn all that many different nail colours and designs, as towards the end of the month especially, I’ve been really busy.

The first colour I used this month was A-England’s Order of the Garter and I created an accent nail with China Glaze’s I’m Not Lion from their On Safari collection. I think Order of the Garter is a lovely blue colour and that I’m Not Lion just gives it that bit of sparkle. You can read my review on Order of the Garter by clicking here.

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