Nail Varnish Picks – Autumn 2014

Nail Varnish Picks

Autumn 2014

So I’ll wear whatever nail varnish I want to when I want to wear it. But I do find that subconsciously the seasons do influence my choices and I thought of share what I think are going to be some of my favourite nail varnishes this autumn. I just went through my collection and picked out ten nail varnishes, without looking at my other selections and it seems like I’m really into greens and browns this autumn, with a couple of others added in.

This first colour is A-England’s Dragon. This is a true green nail varnish with loads of holographic silver shimmer in it. And like the majority of A-England nail varnishes you can get away with only using one coat.

A-England Dragon

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Tag – Sweater Weather Tag – November 2013

Sweater Weather Tag

November 2013

So this is a tag going around YouTube at the moment, which I just had to do. It’s a bit like an updated version of the I ♥ Autumn Tag from this time last year and I’ve watched so many of the Sweater Weather Tag videos recently. And since I’m English I’ve replaced any references to Fall to Autumn, simply because I’m like that!

1. Favourite candle scent?

Currently it’s Cinnamon Sugared Donut from Bath & Body Works. This is one of the few Bath & Body Works candles I have tried, I bought one off eBay last year after hearing loads about it on YouTube and completely fell in love with the scent so I bought another one this autumn.

Cinnamon Sugared Donut

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Outfit of the Day – Casual Autumn Night At A Show

Outfit of the Day

Casual Autumn Night At A Show

It seems like ages since I’ve done an Outfit of the Day post. I’ve thought about and even planned out in my head a couple over the last two months or so but I never got around to actually doing them. But anyway, on to this actual post.

So the other night mum and I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar. And although this can be classed as a theatre show, this show was not playing in theatres but instead in arenas. Therefore I didn’t feel the need to go all theatre dressy and actually dress up. Instead I went decidedly casual. Seeing Jesus Christ Superstar (especially with a cast including Tim Minchin, Ben Forster, Melanie Chisholm, Chris Moyles and Alex Hansen) was a dream come true for me and I really didn’t want to have to spend time worrying about what I was wearing. My main aim was to be comfortable, there was no way I was going to risk missing anything or not giving the show my full attention because I felt uncomfortable.

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Outfit of the Day – Autumn Evening Trip To The Cinema With Mum

Outfit of the Day

Autumn Evening Trip To The Cinema With Mum

This is an old outfit of the day post, which somehow I never got round to posting. It’s from back in November when Mum and I went to see James Bond at the cinema.

I never know what to wear to the cinema, I always seem to get cold and it has been frosty on a night recently. So in the end I ended up wrapping up warm. I wore my favourite pair of skinny jeans from Henry Holland (which can be seen in another of my Outfit of the Day posts both here and here). I wore them tucked into a new pair of boots a friend picked up from Select in the sale for £6 which look identical to her pair from All Saints, which needless to say I’m very happy with!

OOTD - Cinema (2)

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Outfit of the Day – Lunch and Shopping with Mum on a Warm Autumn Day

Outfit of the Day

Lunch and Shopping with Mum on a Warm Autumn Day

So yesterday I met my mum once she’d finished work and we went for lunch and done a bit of shopping. Now, it was one of those days yesterday when I really didn’t know what to wear. It wasn’t overly warm, but it wasn’t overly cold either. And with going out for lunch and shopping I never really want to wear a jacket or a coat because when I’m in and out of shops I’m always taking it on and off.

So in the end I ended up chucking on a long-sleeved grey knit jumper dress, which has a really nice yellow, blue and white detailing on the hem. And I just wore it over some plain black leggings and my knee high brown boots. The dress is from New Look and my mum got me it last Christmas. I’m pretty certain my leggings were just from Primark.

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Outfit of the Day – Autumn Shopping Trip

Outfit of the Day

Autumn Shopping Trip

So today, my mum, younger sister and I went shopping to York, which is a lovely historic city about an hour’s drive from where we live. And it was one of those lovely autumn days which I love. There was a clear bright light blue sky and the sun was shining, but goodness was there a nip in the air, it did feel quite cold this morning. We set off quite early and when we arrived it was probably only about 8°C (about 46°F) although by the time we left it had got up to about 12°C (about 53°F).

I always struggle with what to wear when I go shopping, particularly at this time of year, as I don’t want to wrap up too warm as the shops are always really warm with their heating on, and then outside it’s cold.

York is a pretty big place, so comfortable shoes are a must. I wore what is probably my most worn type of shoes which is my black style ugg boots. They are so comfy, they’re warm and they pretty much go with any outfit I can chuck together. Mine are from River Island, but you can get similar from loads of places. These also featured in my last Outfit of the Day post, to check that out click here.

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Tag – I ♥ Autumn Tag – October 2012

I ♥ Autumn Tag

October 2012

Okay, so this is apparently a tag going around on YouTube but I’m definitely a person who loves the autumn and since I don’t have the facility to make videos I thought I’d answer the questions is a blog post. The first person I saw do this tag is one of my all time favourite YouTubers, Andréa Matillano, check out her channel here, she is amazing, I watch all her videos. I think it was originally an I ♥ Fall tag, but I’m English and we call it autumn! So onto the questions!

1. Favourite Autumn lip product?

At the moment the lip product I’m reaching for the most is a Benefit Lip Gloss in Who Does Your Work, which is a nice dark reddish colour, with a slightly purpley look, but it isn’t too dark. Or if I’m wanting a very natural look I’m loving Vaseline’s Limited Edition Lip Therapy in Pink Bubbly, which just gives the palest pink tint to your lips and it also smells delicious!

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Outfit of the Day – Fresh Autumn Morning at the Seaside

Outfit of the Day

Fresh Autumn Morning at the Seaside

Welcome to my first outfit of the day post! It’s one of my favourite types of day today. It’s a beautiful autumn day today here in the north east of England. We’ve got a bright blue sky, but there is a nip in the air, it is quite cool. But I love days like that, it just feels so fresh! It’s wasn’t too cold, just nice and fresh and crisp. It was about 10°C, which is about 50°F.

And I’ve spent most of the day at the beach and it was lovely. I love the seaside. But it was definitely not shorts and flip-flops weather, more like jumper, coat and boots weather. I don’t actually have a photo of me wearing the outfit, although I have a picture of the clothes, as no-one knows that I keep a blog, and I didn’t feel like answering questions on why I wanted my photo took.

What I was wearing is dark denim skinny jeans, tucked into black ugg style boots. A beigey coloured knit jumper with hints of red, yellow and blue in it over a white strap top, a pale blue scarf with a grey floral print on it and a blue coat.

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Nail Varnish Picks – Autumn 2012

Nail Varnish Picks

Autumn 2012

Now that there’s a definite nip in the air and the nights are drawing in, it is very easy to see that autumn is well on the way to northern England. And that tends to mean that the nail varnishes I reach for on a regular basis are different to the ones I wear in the summer. I’ve worn a lot of neon nail varnish this summer (I haven’t worn anything else on my toes) but I’ve now pretty much put them back in their boxes until next summer now. The weather and season’s really do influence what nail varnish I will wear. I know some people just wear whatever they want when they want, and that’s great, but these are the nail varnishes which I know I’ll be reaching for a lot this season, and probably into winter as well. I have included photos if I have worn the nail varnishes I’m writing about before, but there are a few which I mention which I haven’t used yet, which I have been saving for this autumn.

The first nail varnish I want to talk about is Zodiac by Topshop. I have an entire review on this nail varnish and the read that, click here.  And there’s not much more to say about this nail varnish than I said there. It’s a blackish greeny colour with a really strong gold shimmer in it. And I mean it is loaded with shimmer. It is from Topshop’s Spring Summer 2012 collection Sisters of the New Moon, so I’m not sure if it is available anymore.

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