Top Five OPI Nail Varnishes – Summer 2013

Top Five Nail Varnishes


As Of Summer 2013

So I’ve decided to do what I’m calling a “top five” series of posts. In these posts I’ll show my top five varnishes in a certain category either brand, colour or finish. And the first category I’m doing is OPI.I wouldn’t class OPI as my favourite brand of nail varnish, but I do own quite a few. I didn’t feel like I had enough of some brands to do a top ten, which is why I’m doing a top five.

So, in reverse order, these are my favourite five OPI nail varnishes.

In Fifth Place is Skull and Glossbones. This nail varnish is from the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection. It is just a perfect light grey crème colour, which isn’t too dark.

OPI Skull and Glossbones

In Fourth Place is Red Hot Ayers Rock. This is from the Australia collection and one of the things that originally drew me to this nail varnish was it’s name. I would love to visit Australia in general, but Ayers Rock is in my top three places I want to visit in Australia and I’m currently writing a novel which is loosely set around Ayers Rock. This is another crème polish, but it has such a juicy look to it (which makes it perfect as a base colour for strawberry nail art!). It’s the red I always reach for when I need a crème red, whether it be for nail art or just to paint my nails.

OPI Red Hot Ayers Rock

In Third Place is Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry collection. I originally wanted the Katy Perry collection so I could get my hands on Teenage Dream, which everyone seemed to go crazy over, but it is Last Friday Night which stole my heart from this collection. This is a pale blue jelly like base with loads of sparkle in it. I simple adore putting this over darker blue nail varnishes, in particular Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear’s Pacific Blue. The photo is of two coats over Topshop’s Marine Scene.

Last Friday Night over Marine Scene

In Second Place is I’m All Ears from the Vintage Minnie collection. It’s a lovely deep bright pink with shimmer. I’m a huge Disney fan (although I prefer Mickey Mouse to Minnie Mouse) and as soon as I saw this collection last summer I had to have it. This wasn’t actually the nail varnish I expected to like the most from this collection.

OPI I'm All Ears

And in First Place is Who The Shrek Are You?, which is predictably enough from the Shrek collection. This is the first OPI nail varnish I ever bought and it is such an unique shade of green. It’s kind of an ugly colour, but some how that makes it all the more prettier, if that makes sense?! It’s a crème finish and it doesn’t stain my nails, which is a bonus for me as I love blue and green nail varnishes but I always seem to have a problem with staining, no matter what base coat I use.

OPI Who The Shrek Are You

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