Nail Art – Cactus

Nail Art


It’s been really warm here in northern England for the last few weeks, much warmer than normal, which makes a huge change for the summer. I’m not used to this kind of heat and it’s been really humid and sticky, without the sunshine, as well. And to match the weather (kind of) I painted a pretty cactus design on my nails.

Cactus Nail Art (2)

As always I started with a basecoat, and as always I used A-England’s The Knight. Then I painted all my nails one thin coat of white. The white I am currently using is Zoya’s Snow White.

Then I used a make-up sponge to create a gradient on my nails. I used a really light yellow nail varnish at the top of my nail, a medium yellow nail varnish in the middle and an orange nail varnish at the tip of my nail. It did take a couple of coats to get it as opaque as I wanted it and even then I went back in with just the orange on the sponge and make that darker on the tip of my nails. The really light yellow I used was Zoya’s Jacqueline, the medium yellow I used was Collection 2000 Hot Looks’ Lemon Soda and the orange I used was Zoya’s Arizona.

The cacti were quite simple to paint on. I started by painting a thick black line down my nail, making sure that it had a curved edge at the top. And then I made two horizontal lines coming out from that and then two vertical lines joining onto them to create the ‘arms’ of the cacti. The black I used was A-England’s Camelot.

And finally I used the make-up sponge to dab on a small circle of red to create the setting sun and then I dabbed my palest yellow over the top to create a hazy effect. The red I used was Fire Engine from Collection 2000 Lasting Finish, and the pale yellow was Zoya’s Jacqueline.

And finally to complete the look I added small ‘m’ shapes in black on the nails I didn’t drew a cactus to look like birds. And again I used A-England’s Camelot. And to finish everything off I added a topcoat, and the one I always use is A-England’s The Shield.

Cactus Nail Art


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