The Nail Wheel of Fortune – Month One – February 2013

The Nail Wheel of Fortune

Month One

February 2013

The first month of randomly picking which nail varnish to wear!

The first random colour I picked from my nail wheels was China Glaze’s Pool Party. And my automatic thought was “why am I doing this?!” I only really wear neons in the summer and I think I wore Pool Party on my toes constantly for about two months last year. I created an accent nail with a new-to-me nail varnish, which is Lime Crime’s Pastelchio (I love this nail varnish).

Pool Party with Pastelchio

Next I picked a Stargazer nail varnish in shade 304. I don’t think I’ve ever worn this nail varnish before and I really like it.

Stargazer 304

The next colour I picked was H&M’s Pale Violet. I love this colour so much, the only problem is I got it in a mini set which I don’t think they sell any more and I’m already about a third of the way down the bottle! I created an accent nail with Barry M’s Amethyst Glitter.

Pale Violet with Amethsyt Glitter

Next I decided I wanted to do something vaguely nail arty. So I used Essie’s Blanc as my base colour and then I used striping tape and my dotting tools to make squares and lines of dots. The colour’s I used for the squares and dots were China Glaze’s Splish Splash, China Glaze’s I’m With The Lifeguard, Accessorize’s Dragonfly and Nails Inc’s Fitzroy Square.

Squares and Dots

After that I painted my nails with NYX’s Titanic and put a layer of Butter London’s Frilly Knickers over top and then placed some star glitter pieces on my nails.

Star Glitter

Then I painted all my nails in Ozotic’s 533. I love these holographic nail varnishes but I’m never sure if the photos do them justice!

Ozotic 533

And next I wore Zoya’s Storm. I don’t usually go for just black nail varnish but I really enjoyed wearing it. I’m not sure what made me buy it but I’m glad I did.

Zoya Storm

The final random colour I chose was Who The Shrek Are You from OPI. And then after a few days wear I created flowers on my nails using my dotting tools with Borghese Rapido’s Violetta and Castello Blue. It was all very spring like, despite the fact it was snowing outside!

Who The Shrek Are YouWho The Shrek Are You + Flowers

On all the nail design’s I am wearing either Collection 2000′s 2 in 1 Base Coat and Ridge Filler with Keratin or A-England’s The Knight basecoat and A-England’s The Shield Top Coat.


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