Nails of the Month – January 2013

Nails of the Month

January 2013

For the first look I wore this month I layered OPI’s Goldeneye over Barry M’s 247 Superdrug Limited Edition. This was a lovely sparkly design for my first one of the year and I really liked it. I remembered Goldeneye as being very opaque from when I last wore it so I wiped most of the varnish off the brush before I layered it over the Barry M varnish. In hindsight I could probably have done with leaving a bit more on the brush but it still looked super pretty. The only downside to this manicure was that the Barry M nail varnish stained my nails pretty badly. I had anticipated some staining so I applied two layers of basecoat but that didn’t seem to help much. When I wear this colour again I may use a thin coat of white nail varnish first and see if that helps with the staining.

Superdrug Limited Edition with Goldeneye

Next I wore China Glaze’s Desert Sun and created accents on my thumb and ring finger with Jessica’s Gingersnap. This was the first Jessica varnish I’ve used (indeed it’s the only Jessica nail varnish I have in my collection) and I was very impressed with it. I layered it over Desert Sun for this look but I think with around 3 or 4 coats you could probably wear this nail varnish on it’s own.

Desert Sun with Gingersnap

January and February always seem to drag on for me and always seem to be dull and gloomy and I’m already longing thinking of spring and summer both for better weather, fun times and pastel and neon nail varnish. But I sternly told myself to enjoy wearing my darker colours, which I associate with autumn and winter, while I can as no doubt I will miss them midway through summer! So the next colour I wore was Here Today Aragon Tomorrow from OPI. And on top of that I put Opal from Zoya, which is part of their Fleck Effects collection. I did put a coat of white on before applying Here Today Aragon Tomorrow because I did want it to look green on my nails and with certain nail varnishes like this one it often just ends up looking black on your nails. It was really hard to show on a photo just how beautiful Opal looked on the nails.

Here Today Aragon Tomorrow and Opal

Next I wore Creative Fantasy from China Glaze with Glitter All The Way over the top. I knew Creative Fantasy was a jelly varnish but I was quite disappointed with it. Next time I will need to layer it over something. I did layer Creative Fantasy over a layer of white to try and make the colour pop a bit more, but it didn’t really work.

Creative Fantasy with Glitter All The Way

So much for being strict with myself and wearing my dark winter colours! The next two colours I wore together I think I’ll pretty much wear year round. I wore Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear’s Pacific Blue with an accent nail on my ring finger in Model’s Own Indian Ocean.

Pacific Blue with Indian Ocean

Then I painted all my nails in Ozotic 513. I’m so glad I got to take the photo of this varnish in the sun, I simply love the Ozotic holographic nail varnishes, they’re just so pretty!

Ozotic 513

Then I wore OPI’s Skyfall with OPI’s Tomorrow Never Dies both from the James Bond collection. These are definitely more wintery colours and I enjoyed wearing them both.

Skyfall and Tomorrow Never Dies

Next I wore China Glaze’s Watermelon Rind and created an accent nail by layering A-England’s She Walks In Beauty over A-England’s Iseult. I really love this colour combination together. And on my accent nail under the harsh artificial lighting at work I noticed a slight purple shimmer as well, but I don’t know which nail varnish it was from!

Watermelon Rind with Iseult and She Walks In Beauty

After that I wore a Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail varnish in Ruby Rush. This to me seems to be more purple than red, but it’s still a really lovely colour and almost an one-coater. And it wore a lot better than the last varnish I wore from this brand, I didn’t seem to have the same chipping issues.

Ruby Rush

And finally I wore collection 2000 Hot Looks in Blue Hawaii and created an accent nail with George’s 50 Outrageous.

Blue Hawaii with Outrageous

On all the nail design’s I am wearing either Collection 2000′s 2 in 1 Base Coat and Ridge Filler with Keratin or A-England’s The Knight basecoat and A-England’s The Shield Top Coat. All photos are taken with a flash. And I’m sorry about the poor quality of many of the photos.


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