Haul – Primark, Superdrug and The Body Shop – March 2013


Primark, Superdrug and The Body Shop

March 2013

So my mum, sister and I took a trip to the Metrocentre, which for everyone outside of the North East of England, is Europe’s largest shopping mall and is about an hour’s drive from where we live. I didn’t go wanting to buy anything in particular and it was mostly essentials which I bought and I though I’d share them. Indeed, I only bought things from three different shops; Primark, Superdrug and The Body Shop.

I’ll start with Primark. The first thing I got was a pair of pyjamas. I was (still am) in desperate need of new PJ’s as I’m currently alternating between two pairs suitable for the winter months, so I got these cute white and baby blue one’s with tea cups on. They came as a set and only cost £8. They’re full leg length ones and the top has shirt cap sleeves.

Haul (9)

The rest of the things I bought at Primark can be classed as cosmetic items. Firstly I bought a Drumstick Lolly lip balm as I have recently finished my cola one. I have tried this and I’m not overly keen on the flavour, I thought it would be a lot nicer than it is. It is still useable though.

Haul (10)

I also got a pack of two nail art pens which came with rhinestones in black and white. And I also got what they describe as a pen to do a French manicure, which is basically a two ended nail varnish with some nail guides to create the tip. I got the one in mint/silver.

Haul (11)

Haul (12)

And finally from Primark I got a pack of three nail files with cute designs on them as I needed a normal nail file (I’ve currently only got by block one) and they were only £1.

Haul (1)

I only bought one thing from the Body Shop, which was a tea tree face mask. I love tea tree and I’ve used this mask twice so far and I have had an outbreak of spots, but I’m going to persevere with it and give my skin chance to get used to it. It was £10 but Body Shop stuff is usually worth the slightly more expensive prices.

Haul (8)

All the items I bought from Superdrug were essentials – apart from one. And that one item was an Accessorize nail varnish in the colour Ladybird. It’s part of their Speckle collection and I’ve been looking for it for ages. So as soon as I saw it I knew that it was coming home with me.

Haul (7)

The rest of the things which I bought from Superdrug could be classed as “boring”. I got a cleanser, a toner and an eye make-up remover all from Simple, some cotton pads and some hair ties.

Haul (3)

Haul (2)

Haul (4)

Haul (6)

Haul (5)


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