Tag – Warm Me Up For Winter Tag – December 2014

Warm Me Up For Winter Tag

December 2014

I saw this tag on Benita’s Blog, Benita’s Beauty Bits and Bobs. I’m so happy Benita is blogging again, I missed her when she wasn’t. You guys should go and check her out. Anyway, this tag looked like so much fun I simply had to have a go at answering the questions myself.

1. What’s your favourite hot chocolate?

This is a hard question! I love hot chocolate during the winter months and I love trying different flavours of hot chocolate. I don’t think I can choose!

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Outfit of the Day – Sunday Lunch With Family

Outfit of the Day

Sunday Lunch With Family

Okay, so I’m calling this Outfit of the Day post Sunday Lunch with Family, but it needs bearing in mind that the family members we went out to lunch with live a two and a half to three hour car journey away. So although we did go out to lunch, that was not the only purpose of the visit. It was lovely to see them again. You’ve even got a photo of me wearing this outfit, although it is slightly lopsided as I had to crop my much younger cousin out of the picture.

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Outfit of the Day – Winter Day At The Shopping Mall

Outfit of the Day

Winter Day At The Shopping Mall

I really like doing Outfit of the Day posts, even though my knowledge of fashion is minimal. So I thought I’d share with you what I wore when I went on a shopping trip to the Metrocentre (a really large shopping mall in the north east of England) with my mum and sister the other day.

Winter OOTD (1)

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Rhodes Haul – October 2013

Rhodes Haul

October 2013

I’ve watched many YouTube videos when people come back from holiday sharing what they’ve bought when they’ve been away. In the videos I watch people have usually been to America or Australia or Thailand or somewhere, but nope, not me, I’m going to do a haul from Rhodes. So I went on holiday with my mum and sister for a week at the end of October and I thought I’d share what I bought while I was there with you.

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Haul – H&M, Zara and Superdrug – October 2013


H&M, Zara and Superdrug

October 2013

So mum and I both had the day off work following going to see Jesus Christ Superstar the previous evening so we took a shopping trip to York. York is a great place to go shopping and its really pretty. I did need some new clothes but I didn’t go wanting anything in particular. I like York because it has a really big Topshop and it also has an Urban Outfitters store, the only one anywhere near us. However I was disappointed with both these stores and didn’t buy anything from either. York is also the only place near us with a Mango store but there wasn’t much in there either apart from one really pretty dress which I couldn’t justify buying. But I did buy a couple of things from Zara, H&M and Superdrug.

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Outfit of the Day – Autumn Evening Trip To The Cinema With Mum

Outfit of the Day

Autumn Evening Trip To The Cinema With Mum

This is an old outfit of the day post, which somehow I never got round to posting. It’s from back in November when Mum and I went to see James Bond at the cinema.

I never know what to wear to the cinema, I always seem to get cold and it has been frosty on a night recently. So in the end I ended up wrapping up warm. I wore my favourite pair of skinny jeans from Henry Holland (which can be seen in another of my Outfit of the Day posts both here and here). I wore them tucked into a new pair of boots a friend picked up from Select in the sale for £6 which look identical to her pair from All Saints, which needless to say I’m very happy with!

OOTD - Cinema (2)

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Tag – I ♥ Autumn Tag – October 2012

I ♥ Autumn Tag

October 2012

Okay, so this is apparently a tag going around on YouTube but I’m definitely a person who loves the autumn and since I don’t have the facility to make videos I thought I’d answer the questions is a blog post. The first person I saw do this tag is one of my all time favourite YouTubers, Andréa Matillano, check out her channel here, she is amazing, I watch all her videos. I think it was originally an I ♥ Fall tag, but I’m English and we call it autumn! So onto the questions!

1. Favourite Autumn lip product?

At the moment the lip product I’m reaching for the most is a Benefit Lip Gloss in Who Does Your Work, which is a nice dark reddish colour, with a slightly purpley look, but it isn’t too dark. Or if I’m wanting a very natural look I’m loving Vaseline’s Limited Edition Lip Therapy in Pink Bubbly, which just gives the palest pink tint to your lips and it also smells delicious!

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