Nails of the Month – December 2014 & January 2015

Nails of the Month

December 2014 & January 2015

Okay, this is combined post for my manicures from December 2014 and 2015. I’ve had to take an unplanned break from my blog due to ongoing computer and internet problems. I had a load of end of the year posts planned, but then my computer played up and I lost everything, including all my photos and drafts and lists of how many nail varnishes I’d used in 2014, which one had now featured on my blog etc and I just haven’t had the time to redo any of them. 2015 is going to be an incredibly busy year for me, so I’m probably only going to be posting one a week or once a fortnight for now. But on to the nail varnish. I don’t have photos for many of these as unfortunately they all got deleted and those I do have are pretty bad ones took on my mobile, but they’re better than nothing right?

So firstly, back at the beginning of December I wore Dollish Polish’s These Aren’t The Droids You’re Looking For over Barry M’s Gold Foil.

These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For over Gold Foil

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Yes Love Haul – July 2014

Yes Love Haul

July 2014

So this is the last part of my epic nail varnish haul from Portugal. All these nail varnishes are from the brand Yes Love. This is the brand I bought the most nail varnishes from. I have eleven nail varnishes to show you. The other brands I bought from while I was in Portugal are Letitica Well (see haul post here), Lovely Girl (see haul post here) and Wynie (see haul post here). I like all the nail varnishes I got, but some of these I wouldn’t buy again, even if they were on €1. With me buying more of this brand I suppose there was more chance that some of them wouldn’t be as good as some of the others. And once again none of them have names, only numbers.

This first nail varnish is in the shade G26-1. This is a glitter topcoat in a glow in the dark base, which has different shades of purple, green and yellow chunky flowers in it. A little bit of fishing was required to get the glitter out, but that’s to be expected with this type of glitter. In the photo I’ve swatched it over black. I totally didn’t realise that this was glow in the dark when I got it.

Yes Love G26-1 over Black

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Nails of the Month – August 2014

Nails of the Month

August 2014

The first nail varnish I wore this month is one of my new one’s and is Dollish Polish’s One Lifetime With You. You can see it in my haul post here. I am totally in love with this colour and it won’t be long before I wear it again.

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Outfit of the Day – Dolphin Watching and Cave Exploring Boat Trip on Holiday

Outfit of the Day

Dolphin Watching and Cave Exploring Boat Trip on Holiday

The main purpose of this outfit, was mostly about being practical. Towards the end of our holiday in Portugal, my parents and I went on a boat trip Dolphin watching and to see the local caves. We went with a company called Dolphin Driven and if anyone is going to Albufeira in Portugal then I highly recommend them. It was absolutely amazing, but it did present me with a bit of a dilemma about what to wear. While the weather in Portugal was hot while we were there, many days did start out quite overcast and cloudy, but still very warm and muggy, before the sun managed to burn through the cloud, and sometimes this took past midday. There was also a very strong breeze a lot of the time, which made it quite deceiving how warm it was at times.

Portugal 2014 709

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Nails of the Month – July 2014

Nails of the Month

July 2014

The first colour I wore this month was Nails Inc’s Blenheim Terrace. This is a lovely dark peach colour with pink undertones and an almost invisible shimmer in it. This is also a nail varnish which was on my Unfeatured Nail Varnish List.

Nails Inc Blenheim Terrace

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