Lip Balm Collection – Summer 2015

Lip Balm Collection

As of Sumer 2015

So I decided it was time to do an updated Lip Balm collection since my last on was in Autumn 2013 and you can click here to see that post. I am still absolutely obsessed with lip balm but I have been making an concentrated effort to try and use some up before buying more, which has kind of worked. You will notice some of the same products from my older post, but I have used quite a few things up, which I’m proud of. So on to what I actually have now.

Lip Balm Collection 2015 (1)

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Haul – Boots, Zara, Next, Fenwick and Candy Hero


Boots, Zara, Next, Fenwick and Candy Hero

It seems like a while since I’ve done a haul post, but this is the result of a shopping trip with my mum and sister the other week to York. We also went out for a really nice lunch while we were there and had an amazing time. I’m considering doing an Outfit of the Day post from this trip, let me know if you’d be interested. I did buy some Christmas presents, but these are the things I bought for myself. Quite a few of them I am classing as essentials. I think I’ve mentioned before but I’m in need of an entirely new winter wardrobe. I’m down to only two decent pairs of jeans and don’t have many smart casual tops which are decent to be seen in public with, most of the one’s I was wearing last winter are now so worn that they’re relegated to the lazy days spent curled up wearing only zone.

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Lip Balm Collection – Autumn 2013

Lip Balm Collection

As Of Autumn 2013

This probably sounds completely crazy, but I am absolutely addicted to lip balm. I am never without it. It’s always one of the first items in my bag when I’m going out, I have it stashed in my desk drawer at work, during winter I keep it permanently in the pocket of my winter coat, it’s always in my pocket if I got out without a bag and I have several stashed all over my room. So needless to say, my lip balm collection is probably on the larger side of most people’s and I decided to share it with you.

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Haul – H&M, Zara and Superdrug – October 2013


H&M, Zara and Superdrug

October 2013

So mum and I both had the day off work following going to see Jesus Christ Superstar the previous evening so we took a shopping trip to York. York is a great place to go shopping and its really pretty. I did need some new clothes but I didn’t go wanting anything in particular. I like York because it has a really big Topshop and it also has an Urban Outfitters store, the only one anywhere near us. However I was disappointed with both these stores and didn’t buy anything from either. York is also the only place near us with a Mango store but there wasn’t much in there either apart from one really pretty dress which I couldn’t justify buying. But I did buy a couple of things from Zara, H&M and Superdrug.

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Tag – I ♥ Autumn Tag – October 2012

I ♥ Autumn Tag

October 2012

Okay, so this is apparently a tag going around on YouTube but I’m definitely a person who loves the autumn and since I don’t have the facility to make videos I thought I’d answer the questions is a blog post. The first person I saw do this tag is one of my all time favourite YouTubers, Andréa Matillano, check out her channel here, she is amazing, I watch all her videos. I think it was originally an I ♥ Fall tag, but I’m English and we call it autumn! So onto the questions!

1. Favourite Autumn lip product?

At the moment the lip product I’m reaching for the most is a Benefit Lip Gloss in Who Does Your Work, which is a nice dark reddish colour, with a slightly purpley look, but it isn’t too dark. Or if I’m wanting a very natural look I’m loving Vaseline’s Limited Edition Lip Therapy in Pink Bubbly, which just gives the palest pink tint to your lips and it also smells delicious!

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