Nail Varnishes That Haven’t Featured On My Blog – April 2014

Nail Varnishes That Haven’t Featured On My Blog

As of April 2014

So, I was sorting through my (extensive) nail varnish collection the other day and ended up compiling a list of nail varnishes I have that have never featured on my blog. This means they haven’t been named in any Nails of the Month, Nail of the Day, Nail of the Week, Nail Art or Top Five posts. I haven’t used my nail varnish collection series posts in this as these only contain bottle shots and I haven’t actually used the nail varnishes for those posts.

I’m really enjoying working my way through my list of Products I Want To Finish In 2014 and I decided I wanted to do something similar with my nail varnishes. I have over 100 nail varnishes in my collection which haven’t featured on my blog, but considering the size of my nail varnish collection and looking at it percentage wise, it’s actually not all that many in the grand scheme of things. And just because they haven’t featured on my blog does not mean that they haven’t been used. Many of them I will have worn on my toes, or they have featured in nail art but if I haven’t done a specific post for that nail art look then they may not have been named in the subsequent Nails of the Month post and some pre-date my blog and have been used extensively before I started blogging.

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Outfit of the Day – Sunday Lunch With Family

Outfit of the Day

Sunday Lunch With Family

Okay, so I’m calling this Outfit of the Day post Sunday Lunch with Family, but it needs bearing in mind that the family members we went out to lunch with live a two and a half to three hour car journey away. So although we did go out to lunch, that was not the only purpose of the visit. It was lovely to see them again. You’ve even got a photo of me wearing this outfit, although it is slightly lopsided as I had to crop my much younger cousin out of the picture.

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Outfit of the Day – Winter Day At The Shopping Mall

Outfit of the Day

Winter Day At The Shopping Mall

I really like doing Outfit of the Day posts, even though my knowledge of fashion is minimal. So I thought I’d share with you what I wore when I went on a shopping trip to the Metrocentre (a really large shopping mall in the north east of England) with my mum and sister the other day.

Winter OOTD (1)

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Outfit of the Day – Autumn Evening Trip To The Cinema With Mum

Outfit of the Day

Autumn Evening Trip To The Cinema With Mum

This is an old outfit of the day post, which somehow I never got round to posting. It’s from back in November when Mum and I went to see James Bond at the cinema.

I never know what to wear to the cinema, I always seem to get cold and it has been frosty on a night recently. So in the end I ended up wrapping up warm. I wore my favourite pair of skinny jeans from Henry Holland (which can be seen in another of my Outfit of the Day posts both here and here). I wore them tucked into a new pair of boots a friend picked up from Select in the sale for £6 which look identical to her pair from All Saints, which needless to say I’m very happy with!

OOTD - Cinema (2)

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Outfit of the Day – Lunch and Shopping with Mum on a Warm Autumn Day

Outfit of the Day

Lunch and Shopping with Mum on a Warm Autumn Day

So yesterday I met my mum once she’d finished work and we went for lunch and done a bit of shopping. Now, it was one of those days yesterday when I really didn’t know what to wear. It wasn’t overly warm, but it wasn’t overly cold either. And with going out for lunch and shopping I never really want to wear a jacket or a coat because when I’m in and out of shops I’m always taking it on and off.

So in the end I ended up chucking on a long-sleeved grey knit jumper dress, which has a really nice yellow, blue and white detailing on the hem. And I just wore it over some plain black leggings and my knee high brown boots. The dress is from New Look and my mum got me it last Christmas. I’m pretty certain my leggings were just from Primark.

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