Nails of the Month – February 2015

Nails of the Month

February 2015

The first colour I wore this month was Topshop’s Celestial, a favourite of mine from last summer, which I love for winter as well.

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Nail Varnishes That Haven’t Featured On My Blog – April 2014

Nail Varnishes That Haven’t Featured On My Blog

As of April 2014

So, I was sorting through my (extensive) nail varnish collection the other day and ended up compiling a list of nail varnishes I have that have never featured on my blog. This means they haven’t been named in any Nails of the Month, Nail of the Day, Nail of the Week, Nail Art or Top Five posts. I haven’t used my nail varnish collection series posts in this as these only contain bottle shots and I haven’t actually used the nail varnishes for those posts.

I’m really enjoying working my way through my list of Products I Want To Finish In 2014 and I decided I wanted to do something similar with my nail varnishes. I have over 100 nail varnishes in my collection which haven’t featured on my blog, but considering the size of my nail varnish collection and looking at it percentage wise, it’s actually not all that many in the grand scheme of things. And just because they haven’t featured on my blog does not mean that they haven’t been used. Many of them I will have worn on my toes, or they have featured in nail art but if I haven’t done a specific post for that nail art look then they may not have been named in the subsequent Nails of the Month post and some pre-date my blog and have been used extensively before I started blogging.

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Nails of the Month – December 2013

Nails of the Month

December 2013

The first look I wore in December was this Christmas Tree Lights nail art design. The base colour I used was Essie’s Mojito Madness. For the electrical cord I used A-England’s Camelot and for the colourful lights I used H&M’s Lime, H&M’s Summer Sunrise, H&M’s Pale Violet, H&M’s Nail Him, Sinful Colors’ Misty Red and Natural Collection’s Hibiscus.

Christmas Tree Lights Nail Art

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Nail Art – Royal Baby

Nail Art

In Honour of and Inspired by the birth of

His Royal Highness, Prince George of Cambridge

So when the news was announced earlier this week that Kate had gone into labour, both mum and I kept an eye on updates to see when our future monarch had arrived. And eagerly awaited to see if our future monarch would be a King or Queen. And now we know that our future monarch will be a King and Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have named him George Alexander Louis, a name I personally love.

I knew I wanted to create a nail art to celebrate the birth of the Royal Baby, but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. Obviously I was going to go for a blue theme, and in the end I kept it pretty simple.

Royal Baby Nail Art (1)

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Nails of the Month – November 2012

Nails of the Month

November 2012

The first nail varnish I wore this month was Gypsy Night from Topshop. I bought this a couple of months ago with the intention of wearing it for Bonfire Night. I didn’t find that it was as pretty on the nail as it was in the bottle, and if I wear it again I would layer it over black. The glitter in it only seems to come out red and green on the nail and it was also quite goopy and difficult to work with. I did end up wearing it for almost a week though as I didn’t have the time to re-do my nails, so I do have a pretty bad chip on my thumb by the time I got round to taking a photo. I don’t know where the photo is that I took of this nail varnish, nor where the bottle of nail varnish is itself, as it’s not where it should be, which possibly means my younger sister may have borrowed it.

This look combines I Need A Refresh-Mint from Wet n Wild Megalast and I’ve put Frilly Knickers from Butter London over the top of it. This looked absolutely gorgeous on the nails but it was awful to remove. I’ve wanted to try the Wet n Wild Megalast nail varnishes for so long, but this one stained my nails so badly and was so difficult to remove that I’m hesitant to try another one. Frilly Knickers however is one of my all time favourite glitter top coats. And I especially love it at this time of year as it reminds me of winter and frost and snow.

I Need A Refresh-Mint with Frilly Knickers

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Nails of the Month – August 2012

Nails of the Month

August 2012

Nail designs I’ve worn in August 2012. I think I’ve said before, but I’m lucky at work, I can wear whatever I like on my nails, they don’t have to be “work appropriate”. Which is brilliant, so I can just wear whatever I fancy.

The first colour I wore on my nails this month was OPI’s Absolutely Alice, with Barry M’s gold shatter over the top on my thumb and ring finger. Maybe this was a bit much for everyday wear, but it was my first week back at work after annual leave, and I wanted something pretty to look at while I was typing! Also, later on in the week when my nail varnish started to chip, I put the gold shatter over the rest of my nails, and you couldn’t tell. This varnish completely ate top coat though. I was using Essie’s Super Duper Top Coat as I had run out of A-England’s The Shield Topcoat and no matter how many coats I used I could not get rid of that textured feeling.

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