Products I’ve Finished – September 2014

Products I’ve Finished

September 2014

I’ve been on a huge must finish a load of half used up products by the end of the year kick recently and I’ve done really well. The result? This Products I’ve Finished post is going to be epic. I’ve used up so many products this month that I barely know where to start. But I really do need to get through some of the products which are cluttering up my shelf. Mainly because a) it’ll save me money in the run up to Christmas and b) I’ll probably get new products as Christmas gifts. And as you’ll see from this post, I’m still using up last years Christmas gifts!

Products I've Finished September 2014 (1)

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You Beauty Discovery Box – May 2014

You Beauty Discovery Box

May 2014

I came across the You Beauty Discovery subscription box service when I was reading dollshousejournal’s blog. I’ve seen loads of videos on YouTube, from people in America mostly, who got a monthly subscription service, and in many cases more than one. I knew they were available in the UK as well, but had never found one which I felt I wanted to try or was within my price range. Until I found out about You Beauty Discovery. It is only £6.95 a month, which includes postage. You get to choose your two main products and then get three other samples in the box as well. So I signed up and in May received my first box and I thought I’d share it with you. Shipping was also super quick. I got the e-mail saying the box had shipped after the box arrived!

You Beauty Discovery May 2014 (2)

So this is what the box looked like when it arrived.

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