Outfit of the Day – Hen Party Night Out

Outfit of the Day

Hen Party Night Out

So it was my sister’s Hen Party the other weekend and I wanted to do a quick Outfit of the Day post to share what I wore when we went out on the night. We went to the Dreamboys show at Leeds and then stayed in the nightclub there, so we all got dressed up.


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Tag – Sweater Weather Tag – November 2013

Sweater Weather Tag

November 2013

So this is a tag going around YouTube at the moment, which I just had to do. It’s a bit like an updated version of the I ♥ Autumn Tag from this time last year and I’ve watched so many of the Sweater Weather Tag videos recently. And since I’m English I’ve replaced any references to Fall to Autumn, simply because I’m like that!

1. Favourite candle scent?

Currently it’s Cinnamon Sugared Donut from Bath & Body Works. This is one of the few Bath & Body Works candles I have tried, I bought one off eBay last year after hearing loads about it on YouTube and completely fell in love with the scent so I bought another one this autumn.

Cinnamon Sugared Donut

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Outfit of the Day – Autumn Evening Trip To The Cinema With Mum

Outfit of the Day

Autumn Evening Trip To The Cinema With Mum

This is an old outfit of the day post, which somehow I never got round to posting. It’s from back in November when Mum and I went to see James Bond at the cinema.

I never know what to wear to the cinema, I always seem to get cold and it has been frosty on a night recently. So in the end I ended up wrapping up warm. I wore my favourite pair of skinny jeans from Henry Holland (which can be seen in another of my Outfit of the Day posts both here and here). I wore them tucked into a new pair of boots a friend picked up from Select in the sale for £6 which look identical to her pair from All Saints, which needless to say I’m very happy with!

OOTD - Cinema (2)

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