Products I’ve Finished – June 2014

Products I’ve Finished

June 2014

I’m totally sure I didn’t use up this many things before I started blogging. I don’t think this is going to be as big as last month’s post, but I do have a few things that I’ve finished this month to share with you.

Products I've Finished June 2014 (1)

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Products I’ve Finished – May 2014

Products I’ve Finished

May 2014

Oh my goodness! Things seem to have spiralled out of control this month. I can’t believe how many things I’ve finished, I totally didn’t expect it. I’m certain I didn’t go through as many things before I started blogging. But now I read about so many things I want to try, that I make a concious effort to use up things as well so I don’t end up with loads of half used products. Because I still seem to be buying a lot of things. (A lot of things, I’ve been a total shopaholic recently). But I doubt I’ll have a Products I’ve Finished post as large as this for a while because I have started quite a few new things recently, or repurchases of old favourites.

Firstly, I’ll start with things I use most months. I’ve finished two packets of makeup wipes. The first pack have been my regular ones over the past couple of months from Johnson’s. And the second are from Superdrug’s own Tea Tree range for sensitive skin. These were quite nice and are really affordable so I would purchase them again in a pinch.

Products I've Finished May 2014 005

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Products I’ve Finished – April 2014

Products I’ve Finished

April 2014

I’ve decided I’m going to try to make my Products I’ve Finished posts a monthly thing and I have a few products to share this month. I’ve got a lot more products than I thought I would, I seem to have come to the end of a lot of things at the same time, I definitely don’t think next months post will have as many items as this. Some other things have also probably been used up, but I live at home with my parents, so things like shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste etc stays in the bathroom and is shared. The products which feature in my Products I’ve Finished posts are the things which are solely mine.

Products I've Finished April 2014 (1)

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Products I’ve Finished – March 2014

Products I’ve Finished

March 2014

I didn’t expect to be doing a Products I’ve Finished post for March, since I done one for February but I’ve seemed to amass a lot of things this month. And some of them even appear in my Products I Want To Finish In 2014 post.

Products I've Finished March 14 (1)

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Products I’ve Finished – February 2014

Products I’ve Finished

February 2014

So following on from my Products I Want To Finish In 2014 post I decided I was going to do more Products I’ve Finished posts. These probably will not be monthly as I don’t finish things very quickly. But I do have a couple of things to share with you, with my thoughts on them, and typically none of the items are included on my Products I Want To Finish List. I have been using some of the items on that list though, so some of them at least should appear in a Products I’ve Finished post soon. I’m quite proud of myself with how well I’ve been doing with them.

Products I've Finished Feb 14 002

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Haul – Superdrug, The Body Shop, Illamasqua, Bath & Body Works and Primark – January 2014


Superdrug, The Body Shop, Illamasqua, Bath & Body Works and Primark

January 2014

So, I’ve done a little shopping recently and I thought I’d share what I’d bought. Some of these things were essentials but some are just things I wanted and with deals I couldn’t resist.

So from Superdrug I got three lots of dry shampoo. My plan was to straighten my hair my often and use the dry shampoo. So far I’ve not had the time or the inclination to do so. The plan was not to buy three cans of the stuff, but they were on offer and it was cheaper to buy three than it was to buy one! So needless to say I ended up with three bottles. These are in the scent Head In The Clouds.

January 2014 Haul (8)

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Products I’ve Finished – November 2013

Products I’ve Finished

November 2013

So this is my first ever products I’ve used up post. I love watching these empties videos on YouTube at the end of each month to see what people have been enjoying. But I’ve never done a post of my own as I don’t really use things up that quickly and I use the same products over and over so it’d get really repetitive really quick. But this month I have finished a few different items at the same time so I thought I’d share them with you.

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