Bomb Cosmetics Haul – October 2014

Bomb Cosmetics Haul

October 2014

So, not long after my Lush haul, I found myself on the Bomb Cosmetics website, looking to see if they had there Christmas stuff out. They did and I went a little bit crazy! Bomb Cosmetics always draw me in with how cute their products are! And everything I got in this haul is from this years Christmas line, so if you see anything you want, it won’t be around forever.

So, I got quite a lot of bath products. The first thing is the only product I have repurchased from last year and that is the We Three Kings Bath Creamer. This has such a fresh scent and I just love it.

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Bath Melt Review – Bomb Cosmetics Forget Me Not Bath Creamer

Bath Melt Review

Bomb Cosmetics – Forget Me Not Bath Creamer

The Forget Me Not Bath Creamer from Bomb Cosmetics is one of only two products I have repurchased from Bomb Cosmetics. You can see it in hauls here and here. That is not to say that I’ve disliked any of the products I’ve bought from Bomb Cosmetics, they just have so many other products I want to try as I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from them so far. So the fact that I have repurchased this speaks volumes about how much I like this product.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul (10)

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Bomb Cosmetics Haul – April 2014

Bomb Cosmetics Haul

April 2014

So, I may have placed another order on the Bomb Cosmetics website… I’m not really going to try to justify this except to say that I did need a new candle and that they had sent me an email stating if you spend over £35 you would get a free gift box of bath products worth over £12. Well with that in mind I lost any self control and placed an order for £35. However, knowing that I still have some bath products left and that I would get some if my gift box I only got a few bath products and tried some other things from them.

Bomb Cosmetics haul

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Bomb Cosmetics Haul – March 2014

Bomb Cosmetics Haul

March 2014

I’d been eyeing all the new stuff on the Bomb Cosmetics website for a while, but had managed to resist placing an order. Then I finished my candle and needed a new one. I love the Bath & Body Works candles, but they’re so expensive to get shipped to England that I wanted to try something different. And after browsing the internet for a while, I decided I wanted to try one from Bomb Cosmetics. I almost ordered a candle from them when I last placed an order (see the haul post here) but decided against it at that time. My order arrived is this massive bright pink box and I couldn’t wait to dive in!

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Bomb Cosmetics Haul – December 2013

Bomb Cosmetics Haul

December 2013

So I’d heard a couple of things about Bomb Cosmetics and had come across their website when looking for alternatives for Lush but had never bit the bullet and bought anything. But then I won some money in a raffle at work and decided to treat myself to a couple of things. So I thought I’d share what I’d bought with you, and surprise, surprise, they’re pretty much all bath products. My products arrived in this really cute purple box with this really colourful packaging, which I thought was really nice. I have quite a back log of posts at the moment and this Haul is actually from the beginning of December but I’ve only just got round to posting it.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul (1)Bomb Cosmetics Haul (2)

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