Tag – Warm Me Up For Winter Tag – December 2014

Warm Me Up For Winter Tag

December 2014

I saw this tag on Benita’s Blog, Benita’s Beauty Bits and Bobs. I’m so happy Benita is blogging again, I missed her when she wasn’t. You guys should go and check her out. Anyway, this tag looked like so much fun I simply had to have a go at answering the questions myself.

1. What’s your favourite hot chocolate?

This is a hard question! I love hot chocolate during the winter months and I love trying different flavours of hot chocolate. I don’t think I can choose!

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Tag – Winter Beauty Tag – November 2014

Winter Beauty Tag

November 2014

So I saw this on the lovely Katie’s Blog at Plus+ Beauty and thought it looked like loads of fun. If you haven’t seen Katie’s blog then you really need to go and check it out, it’s awesome!

1. What’s your go-to moisturiser this winter?

I don’t really have anything in particular. I’m currently loving the Body Shop Body Butters. I’m using the Passion Fruit one at the moment.

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Tag – The British Tag – September 2014

The British Tag

September 2014

So, I’ve seen this tag floating around on YouTube and different blogs for a while and I thought it looked really fun, so I decided to give it a go.

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day and how many sugars?

Somewhere between three and five usually, I love tea! Whether it be normal tea or flavoured tea, I have a couple of cups of each a day. But I don’t have sugar in it.

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Tag – 15 Things I Wouldn’t Wear – August 2014

15 Things I Wouldn’t Wear Tag

August 2014

I was tagged by the lovely Clare to do this tag (go and check out her blog if you haven’t already) back when I was on holiday in Portugal, so it’s took a while for me to get round to going this. Now these are just 15 things that I personally wear, it’s just a bit of fun. I’ve read a load of these posts and they aren’t meant to be taken personally, I’ve seen some things on posts I’ve read which I west fairly often, but if that’s something someone else wouldn’t wear, well that’s up to them. And if you see something on my list that you do wear, don’t let me stop you! This is just my personal opinion and these are 15 things that I won’t wear.

1. Toe-post shoes

I hate the feeling of having anything between my toes. Just, ugh! I only have one pair of flip flops for the beach which are really soft and I still struggle to get them on.

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Tag – Sunkissed Summer Tag – July 2014

 Sunkissed Summer Tag

July 2014

I saw this tag on YouTube and thought it looked really fun and decided that I had to give it a go. I’m loving summer now that it is here and by the time this posts I will be in Portugal! I’m really looking forward to some sun, sea and sand! And some much needed R&R! So, onto the Tag questions!

1. What is your go-to product for a sun kissed summer glow? (bronzer, self tanner, etc.)

I love bronzers and my current favourite is my Bronze Block in the shade light from Sleek.

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Tag – The Lip Product Addict Tag – June 2014

The Lip Product Addict Tag

June 2014

The lovely Jacquelyn from thelittlescottishcorner tagged me to do the Lip Product Addict tag and it’s really good timing because recently my sister and I have been lip product crazy and have bought loads when we’ve been out shopping together. I’ve always been something of a lip balm addict (see my lip balm collection post here) but recently I’ve been all about lip colours as well.

Lip Product Addict Tag (2)

So this is my current lip product collection minus one or two lip balms which I couldn’t be bothered retrieving from whichever bag or coat pocket they were in when I took the photo. But now, on to the tag!

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Tag – 10 Beauty Mistakes I Used To Make – April 2014

10 Beauty Mistakes I Used To Make Tag

April 2014

I was tagged by the lovely Brittany over at The Beauty Deputy to do this tag. If you haven’t seen her blog, then you need to go and check her out right now. She is amazing (and has the cutest dog and cat!). I was so excited that she tagged me, I couldn’t believe she’d think of me when choosing people to tag, I love reading her blog! And as she points out in her post, it’s quite nice to look back at how far we’ve all come. But we are all only human, so here are ten beauty mistakes I’ve made in the past. I’ve separated it into three categories, nails, makeup and hair.

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