Haul – Boots and Superdrug – February 2015


Boots and Superdrug

February 2015

This is just a small, quick Boots and Superdrug haul. I only bought a couple of things, one of my aims this year is to actually use up some of the things I already have, but I wanted to share what I got.

Boots and Superdrug Haul Feb 2015 (1)

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Haul – Boots, Zara, Next, Fenwick and Candy Hero


Boots, Zara, Next, Fenwick and Candy Hero

It seems like a while since I’ve done a haul post, but this is the result of a shopping trip with my mum and sister the other week to York. We also went out for a really nice lunch while we were there and had an amazing time. I’m considering doing an Outfit of the Day post from this trip, let me know if you’d be interested. I did buy some Christmas presents, but these are the things I bought for myself. Quite a few of them I am classing as essentials. I think I’ve mentioned before but I’m in need of an entirely new winter wardrobe. I’m down to only two decent pairs of jeans and don’t have many smart casual tops which are decent to be seen in public with, most of the one’s I was wearing last winter are now so worn that they’re relegated to the lazy days spent curled up wearing only zone.

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Barry M Haul – October 2014

Barry M Haul

October 2014

So, I may have gone slightly crazy the other month. I knew I wanted some of the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine autumn nail varnishes but when I saw them all together in the shop, I ended up buying them all. They all just look so pretty together. I love the Gelly Hi-Shine formula and all swatches are of two coats. You could probably get away with one if you done thicker coats, but I tend to do thin coats.

Barry M Autumn 2014

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Bomb Cosmetics Haul – October 2014

Bomb Cosmetics Haul

October 2014

So, not long after my Lush haul, I found myself on the Bomb Cosmetics website, looking to see if they had there Christmas stuff out. They did and I went a little bit crazy! Bomb Cosmetics always draw me in with how cute their products are! And everything I got in this haul is from this years Christmas line, so if you see anything you want, it won’t be around forever.

So, I got quite a lot of bath products. The first thing is the only product I have repurchased from last year and that is the We Three Kings Bath Creamer. This has such a fresh scent and I just love it.

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Lush Haul – October 2014

Lush Haul

October 2014

I just can’t resist Lush when they bring out their collections for the holidays. So I decided that I had to treat myself to a couple of things.I didn’t go too crazy just yet, but if I try anything that I really like then I will consider buying back ups. None of the Halloween collection really caught my eye this year, but I’m not a big Halloween fan overall anyway. But I love there Christmas stuff and I also got two products which I believe are inspired by Bonfire Night (or Firework Night or Guy Fawkes Night, which ever you want to call it) and that really excites me as it is one of my favourite nights of the year.

Lush Haul Oct 2014 (1)

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Haul – H&M, Zara, Superdrug, Boots and Candy Hero


H&M, Zara, Superdrug, Boots and Candy Hero

I took a shopping trip with my mum and sister the other weekend and I bought a couple things. And almost everything is something that I need, I’m trying to use up a lot of products I currently have at the moment and I’m doing really well with it.

But I do pretty much need a complete new winter wardrobe. So firstly from H&M I got a charcoal grey sweatshirt, which will be great for everyday casual wear. And it was only £5.99, a total bargain. They also had it in different colours, so if you’re looking for a sweatshirt I recommend you try H&M.

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Boots Haul – September 2014

Boots Haul

September 2014

This is just a small Boots haul as I needed a couple of things. There were so many more things I wanted to buy but I’m currently trying to be sensible and finish up products I already have. I actually ordered these things online because the one product I really needed I hadn’t been able to find anywhere. And of course, a couple of other things did find their way into my basket.

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Yes Love Haul – July 2014

Yes Love Haul

July 2014

So this is the last part of my epic nail varnish haul from Portugal. All these nail varnishes are from the brand Yes Love. This is the brand I bought the most nail varnishes from. I have eleven nail varnishes to show you. The other brands I bought from while I was in Portugal are Letitica Well (see haul post here), Lovely Girl (see haul post here) and Wynie (see haul post here). I like all the nail varnishes I got, but some of these I wouldn’t buy again, even if they were on €1. With me buying more of this brand I suppose there was more chance that some of them wouldn’t be as good as some of the others. And once again none of them have names, only numbers.

This first nail varnish is in the shade G26-1. This is a glitter topcoat in a glow in the dark base, which has different shades of purple, green and yellow chunky flowers in it. A little bit of fishing was required to get the glitter out, but that’s to be expected with this type of glitter. In the photo I’ve swatched it over black. I totally didn’t realise that this was glow in the dark when I got it.

Yes Love G26-1 over Black

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Leticia Well Haul – July 2014

Leticia Well Haul

July 2014

So this is the next part of my epic nail varnish haul from when I was on holiday in Portugal. These are all from the brand Leticia Well and from the little bit I’ve been able to find out online they are from the XXL line, which I am assuming is named due to their size. These bottles each contain 20ml, which is huge for a nail varnish. Once again I got four nail varnishes from this brand and I have already worn all but one of them. Indeed, I even wore one of them while I was in Portugal. The other brands I bought nail varnishes from were Wynie (see the haul post here), Lovely Girl (see the haul post here) and Yes Love (see haul post here). Once again, none of these nail varnishes have names, only numbers.

This first colour is in the shade 60. This is a vibrant orange colour, bordering on neon. The formula was a little bit sheer but it was fairly easy to work with and it was completely opaque in three coats.

Leticia Well XXL 60

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Lovely Girl Haul – July 2014

Lovely Girl Haul

July 2014

So this is another part of my nail varnish haul from Portugal. These nail varnishes are from a brand called Lovely Girl and again they don’t seem to have names, just numbers. I only got four from this brand, but if we’d had the weight in the suitcases and I’d swatched them while we were there, I would have got more! The other brands I bought from are Wynie (see haul post here), Leticia Well (see haul post here) and Yes Love (see haul post here).

This first nail varnish is in the shade 1704. This is a sheer, jelly type varnish, but is completely opaque with around three coats. It is an orangey colour, with very strong red under tones. This was one I was tempted to put back on once I’d finished doing my swatches. I’m quite curious to see how it works in jelly sandwich manicures as well.

Lovely Girl 1704

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