Lip Gloss Review – Lovely Girl 9

Lip Gloss Review

Lovely Girl – 9

I’ve found myself reaching for this lip gloss a lot this autumn and I decided it was time that I shared it. This is a cool toned bright pink lip gloss from the brand Lovely Girl and I believe it is in the shade 9, it doesn’t appear to have a name. I got this in Portugal when I was there on holiday this summer, so I don’t know much about the brand and can’t really find much online, but I believe this lip gloss only cost around €2 at the very most.

Lovely Girl Lip Gloss 9 (1)

I’m not sure what made me buy this when I was in Portugal, but something attracted me to it. I bought a couple of other lip glosses as well, I was really eager to try something from a new-to-me makeup brand. This is what I would class as the normal size for a lip gloss and it comes on a really funky flattened tube which I actually really like. It also makes it really space efficient when it comes to storage.

So this is a bright hot pink lip gloss, with very cool under tones. And for some reason I’ve been loving it this autumn. Although it looks very bright in the tube as it is a gloss it does apply much more sheer, but the colour is easily buildable. But the fact that is does apply slightly sheer makes it much more wearable in my opinion, it just adds a nice little pop of colour, without being too much.

Lovely Girl Lip Gloss 9 (3)

This is a little sticky when you first apply it, but that doesn’t last long. And it’s really glossy when you first apply it. That kind of fades a little bit after a while, especially if you eat or drink something. This has a nice flat doe foot applicator, which makes it really easy to apply. And I’m impressed with how long this lasts. Yes if you eat or drink something this transfers and loses some of it’s glossiness, but most of the time the colour is still there, just looking a little duller than before. And I’m not sure which way I prefer it, it looks stunning both ways.

Lovely Girl Lip Gloss 9 (2)

I can definitely see me getting a lot of use out of this lip gloss. and for between €1 and €2, I certainly haven’t been robbed!


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