Nail Art – Children In Need – Pudsey Bear

Nail Art

Children In Need

Pudsey Bear

For anyone not living in the UK, Children In Need is an annual charity event in November each year when people are encouraged to do different fund raising events and donate to Children In Need who then use the donations to help disadvantaged children. Now the mascot for the event is a yellow teddy bear called Pudsey Bear who wears a dotty handkerchief over one eye. There’s also always a TV event, with different acts giving special performances and true life stories. I’ve always had a soft spot for Pudsey Bear, so this year as well as donating my money, I came up with this Pudsey Bear nail art look.

Pudsey Bear Nail Art (1)

As always I started with a basecoat. On my ring finger I used my Makeup Academy Peel Off Basecoat because I knew I wanted to create glitter accent nail. On all my other fingers and thumb I used A-England’s The Knight. As I mentioned, on my ring finger I created an accent nail with a glitter nail varnish. On my middle finger I created Pudsey Bear himself and on my thumb, index and little finger I created versions of his spotty handkerchief.

Pudsey Bear Nail Art (3)

I began by painting my thumb and little finger white, I used Zoya’s Snow White, my index finger yellow, I used New York Color In A Minute’s Lexington Yellow and my middle and ring finger a bright light blue, I used Leticia Well XXL’s 68.

On my index finger, I drew a diagonal line across the yellow base in white for Pudsey’s handkerchief and using a small dotting tool created the dots in blue, green, orange and red. The blue I used was Leticia Well XXL’s 68, the green I used was Essie’s Mojito Madness, the orange I used was Leticia Well XXL’s 60 and the red I used was Topshop’s Toot.

On my thumb and little finger I simply used a small dotting tool and the same blue, green, orange and red nail varnishes to create a pattern of dots like on Pudsey’s handkerchief. Pudsey’s handkerchief has a line containing a blue dot, a green dot and an orange dot down the centre and then red dots on either side.

On my ring finger I created a glitter accent nail using China Glaze’s Dancing and Prancing. I used two coats. You could probably get this opaque on it’s own, but I used the blue as a base colour just in case.

And then on my middle finger I created Pudsey. Using my yellow I started by drawing a semi circle on the bottom part of my nail and filling it in. I added two small semi circles to the top to create his ears. Then with white on one half of his face I drew a thick diagonal line for his kerchief and on the other side I used a dotting tool and a black nail varnish, I used A-England’s Camelot to create his eye and added a small white dot in the middle of it. Then in the middle bottom of the original semi circle I added another black dot for his nose. And then I used the same nail varnishes to create the dotty pattern on his kerchief.

And finally I sealed everything in with a topcoat. I used Glisten & Glow’s H K Girl Topcoat. I really love how these turned out. I think Pudsey is so cute!

Pudsey Bear Nail Art (2)


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