Bath Bomb Review – Bomb Cosmetics Ginger Bath Blaster

Bath Bomb Review

Bomb Cosmetics – Ginger Bath Blaster

This was one of the first things I tried from my recent Bomb Cosmetics Haul. It is one of their Bath Blasters, which is pretty much the same thing as a bath bomb, but is shaped like a gingerbread man. It was too cute to resist!

Bomb Cosmetics Haul Oct 2014 (1)

I enjoyed this bath bomb, but it isn’t my favourite of the Bomb Cosmetics products that I’ve tried. There’s nothing wrong or bad about it but just for me personally, it wasn’t for me particularly. I got drawn in by the cuteness factor, which seems to happen to me a lot with Bomb Cosmetics products, but I’m not the biggest pink fan anyway.

Ginger Bath Blaster (1)

I am hopeless at describing scents, but this smelt really nice. Kind of spicy, but not too spicy, it had a hint of sweetness as well. Perfect for a bath bomb shaped like a gingerbread man really.

 This bath blaster fizzes very slowly when you put it in the bath and doesn’t really move around. So this meant that I found that only the water in the part of the bath I had dropped the blaster in changed colour, until I swirled it around. I also found that the water turned a lighter colour than the actual bath blaster was. But our bath tub is huge, so there is a lot of water to colour! There was a little gold glitter on this bath blaster, but that just kind of dispersed around the bath and you couldn’t really see it overly much.

Ginger Bath Blaster (2)

Ginger Bath Blaster (3)

There was very little to no clean up required with this bath blaster, which is something I really like. All I needed to do was to rinse down the bath and that was it done. None of the glitter stuck to the sides and there wasn’t any staining on the tub.

Ginger Bath Blaster (4)

This is a really nice bath bomb, which looks totally cute. I don;t think I’d purchase it again because for me personally I have other products that I like better. But if someone else bought me one, or I got given one, I would have no qualms about using it and would not be disappointed to have it!


9 thoughts on “Bath Bomb Review – Bomb Cosmetics Ginger Bath Blaster

  1. I find most Bomb Cosmetics products to be really affordable, especially when you compare them to some of Lush’s products for example. But some of Bomb Cosmetics products are quite small, the bath creamers especially but they still work incredibly! 🙂 xxx

  2. They are a British company I believe but they don’t have their own shops as such, as least not where I live, but you can find their products in other shops but you don’t get the full range so online is the easiest/better option xxx

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