Lipstick Review – Rimmel London As You Want Victoria

Lipstick Review

Rimmel London – As You Want Victoria

I went on a major lip product kick this summer, largely influenced by my sister, and this was one of my purchases. I’ve finally got around to actually using it and I had to share my thoughts on it. I’ll be perfectly honest, I only really bought this product because of the name, since obviously, my name is Victoria. As You Want Victoria is from Rimmel London’s Moisture Renew Lipstick line, which I think were re-released or re-formulated about this time last year. They’re the ones in the purple tubes. I didn’t pay any attention to them last year until I came across it this summer and got excited because it includes my name.

Rimmel London As You Want Victoria (1)

As You Want Victoria is a bright but deep purple pink fuchsia colour. It is bright, there’s no hiding that fact. But I wouldn’t class it as a bright neon summery colour. It has a deep tone too it which I think makes it perfect for the autumn time.

Rimmel London As You Want Victoria (2)

This lipstick is very creamy when it applies. Almost too much so, and you have to be careful not to get it everywhere. Which can make it a little bit difficult for me to use because I’m not the best at applying lip colours at the best of times. When you originally apply it, it goes on glossy. But after a while it seems to dry down to a much more satiny matte finish.

I was really impressed with the staying power of this lipstick. I wore it out on a shopping trip with my mum the other day and although I did reapply it a few times, that was only because I wanted it to look glossy again, not because I needed more colour. Yes, when you eat or drink something it does transfer, but it also doesn’t completely come off your lips either, I could have got away with not reapplying it after we had lunch if I had wanted to. One I think I did find though is that when it started to lose it’s gloss, it did start to feel a little drying on the lips, which is another reason why I did reapply during the day.

This lipstick wasn’t too hard to remove. It stains slightly, but a makeup wipe and a bit of micellar water on a cotton pad and it came off fairly easily.

I think I’m definitely going to be wearing this again this autumn. Which is a real shocker for me because I do not do bright lip colours. They usually really scare me and I stick to nude of light colours. But I really, really like this lipstick.

Rimmel London As You Want Victoria (3)


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