Nail Art – Doctor Who – Death In Heaven

Nail Art

Doctor Who – Death In Heaven

Series Eight Finale

So, Peter Capaldi’s first season as The Doctor has now finished and I decided I wanted to create a nail art look for the season’s finale. If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know I’m a huge Doctor Who fan and this isn’t the first Doctor Who nail art I’ve created. You can see my other Doctor Who designs here and here.

Doctor Who Nail Art (2)

I knew fairly early on when thinking about this design that I wanted to base it on the new opening sequence from this season, which goes through cogs and spirals and different coloured galaxies. I didn’t have much time to paint this design so I kept it pretty simple. On my thumb and ring finger I created a spiral with Roman Numerals on from the opening sequence and on my other fingers different coloured galaxies. On my index finger I created a pink galaxy, on my middle finger I created a bluey teal galaxy and on my little finger I created a purple galaxy.

As always I started with a base coat and since I knew I was going to be using glitter in this manicure I used Makeup Academy’s Peel Off basecoat. Then I painted all my nails black. I used A-England’s Camelot.

I started with my thumb and ring finger. Using a small nail art brush and a silver nail varnish, I used Barry M’s Silver Foil, I created a spiral coming out from the centre of my nail. Then I used a black to create little lines and ‘v’ and ‘x’ shapes in the spiral for roman numerals. I totally didn’t go in numerical order, I just placed what I could where it would fit.

And then on the other nails are the galaxies. I started by sponging some white, I used Zoya’s Snow White, on the nail and then sponged the other colours over the top to create a galaxy type effect.

I had a little bit of trouble getting the pink galaxy on my index finger to look right, so I used the most nail varnishes on this nail. The pinks I used to create my galaxy were Barry M’s Mediterranean, Barry M’s Flamingo Pink and A-England’s Iseult. I also added a tiny bit of Barry M’s Rose Quartz glitter.

The two colours I used to create the blue or teal coloured galaxy were Barry M’s Seaside and Essie’s Trophy Wife.

And the two colours I used to create the purple galaxy were A-England’s Avalon and Essie’s To Buy Or Not To Buy, which was on my Unfeatured Nail Varnish List.

Once I’d finished the sponging I took a small dotting tool and a white nail varnish, Zoya’s Snow White, and added some small white dots to create stars. And then I added China Glaze’s Fairy Dust to create even more stars.

And then I finished everything with a topcoat. And I’m currently using Glisten & Glow’s H K Girl Topcoat.

Doctor Who Nail Art (3)


2 thoughts on “Nail Art – Doctor Who – Death In Heaven

  1. Thanks. Galaxies are really simple to do, but the pink one did give me a few problems so I’m glad you like it. This design looks better than I thought it was when I look at the pictures now, the spirals look so much better than I remember them being 🙂 xxx

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