Products I’ve Finished – October 2014

Products I’ve Finished

October 2014

I don’t actually have a lot of things this month. I am still trying to use up products before the end of the year but it’s been one of those months were I’ve been using products but just haven’t seemed to have actually finished them, annoyingly enough. Anyway, on to those products I have finished this month.

Products I've Finished October 2014 (1)

I’ve finished two packs of makeup wipes this month. The first pack are my normal ones from Johnson’s, the Maekup Be Gone Moisturising Wipes. If you’ve read any other of my Products I’ve finished posts then you’ll know I’ve been through several packets of these. And the second pack I have finished are the Yes To Grapefruit Correct & Repair Brightening Facial Wipes. Now these are exfoliating wipes so I had to use them sparingly otherwise I found they could feel quite harsh on my skin, but they smell amazing.

Products I've Finished October 2014 (2)

I have finished the Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash in Shea Butter with Vanilla. Like the Dove item featured in my September Products I’ve Finished post, this was in a gift set I got from my grandparents last Christmas which I forgot about. This smelled great and left my skin feeling really soft.

Products I've Finished October 2014 (3)

I have finished my White Grapefruit and May Chang Bath Gel from Abahna, which I got in my July You Beauty Discovery Box. I really like the scent of this and if I did come across it I would consider repurchasing this.

Products I've Finished October 2014 (4)

I used a bottle of nail varnish remover this month. This is my usual nail varnish remover from Elegant Touch. I love this stuff.

Products I've Finished October 2014 (5)

I’m finished with one candle this month. This is a three wick candle from Bath and Body Works in the scent Cinnamon Nut Bread. This smell really nice when it’s not lit, but when it is you can barely smell it, so I was a little disappointed with this one.

Products I've Finished October 2014 (6)

And I’ve finished four face masks this month. The first one is the Perfectly Purifying Face Mask with Dead Sea Minerals from Avon’s Planet Spa line. I really liked this and wouldn’t hesitant to buy it again. I have also used a Chocolate Orange Self-Heating Mask sachet from Superdrug, a Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask Sachet from Superdrug and a Dragon Fruit Polish Mask sachet from H&M.

Products I've Finished October 2014 (7)

3 thoughts on “Products I’ve Finished – October 2014

  1. How good is the nail varnish remover? I’m looking for a new one that does a better job than my current one, would you recommend it?, I’m going to superdrug today to get the chocolate orange mask, I need to try it, thanks for posting huni 🙂

  2. I really, really like the Elegant Touch Acetone nail varnish remover, I’m not so keen on their acetone free version. But I would really recommend the Get Em Off Acetone one, which can also be used for removing acrylic nails. It can be difficult to find, I find that it is often sold out, which kind of shows how popular it is. I also like that it is a squeezy bottle, so you can’t really spill it and it makes it so much easier to use! xxx

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