Bomb Cosmetics Haul – October 2014

Bomb Cosmetics Haul

October 2014

So, not long after my Lush haul, I found myself on the Bomb Cosmetics website, looking to see if they had there Christmas stuff out. They did and I went a little bit crazy! Bomb Cosmetics always draw me in with how cute their products are! And everything I got in this haul is from this years Christmas line, so if you see anything you want, it won’t be around forever.

So, I got quite a lot of bath products. The first thing is the only product I have repurchased from last year and that is the We Three Kings Bath Creamer. This has such a fresh scent and I just love it.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul Oct 2014 (9)Sticking with Bath Creamers, I also got the Robin The Rich Bath Creamer, who is totally adorable.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul Oct 2014 (8)

And also the Mr Frosty Bath Creamer. This guy drew me in with how cute he is, but he’s a bit of a gamble because he’s not a scent I’d usually go for and I can’t quite make my mind up as to whether or not I like the scent of him. He’s really cute though!

Bomb Cosmetics Haul Oct 2014 (7)

Moving on to Bath Blasters, which are pretty much the same as Bath Bombs. The first one I got is the Oh Xmas Tree Blaster, which is actually shaped like a Christmas Tree, with the star on the top and everything.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul Oct 2014 (13)

And then I got the Ginger Blaster. I had to have this guy. He’s pink, with gold glitter and shaped like a gingerbread man. I needed to have him and can’t wait to use him!

Bomb Cosmetics Haul Oct 2014 (1)

Moving on to more conventionally shaped bath blasters. I got the Deck The Halls Bath Blaster, which has some green glitter and a cute little stocking on it.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul Oct 2014 (12)

And I got the You Can’t Catch Me Bath Blaster. One, I think the name is brilliant. Two, there’s a cute little gingerbread man on top. And three, this smells amazing, really warm and cozy. I think this is my favourite of all the one’s I bought.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul Oct 2014 (10)

And the last bath product I bought is one of the largest bath products Bomb Cosmetics do and that is their Bath Brulees. And you are meant to get at least six baths out of them, so great value for money, it only cost £3.49. I got the Robin’s Nest Bath Brulee, which looks like a frosted cupcake with a cute little robin on it.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul Oct 2014 (2)

I also got three candles. I love Bomb Cosmetics candles, they have some amazing scents. I got two of there Glass Candles and one of there Tinned candles. All three are in Christmas scents, which I am assuming are limited edition. The tinned candle is in the scent Mistletoe Kiss and has a really nice fresh scent, which is nice for something a little bit different during the holiday season.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul Oct 2014 (3)

The first glass candle I got is in the scent Gingerbread Cookies and I’ve almost finished this one already. I started burning it pretty much as soon as I got it and it smells divine.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul Oct 2014 (5)

And the last candle I got is the Christmas Pudding candle. Now this one I am super excited about, it smells amazing. And if it smells anywhere near as good when it is burning, I will be very tempted to buy another one.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul Oct 2014 (4)

And finally, due to the amount I spent I qualified for a free gift with purchase, which was The Blues Body Polish, which is basically a body scrub. the size of this is amazing for a free gift and it smells great, there is definitely a lemon scent to it. It’s probably more of a scent I would use in spring, but I have tried this out and I like the way it left my skin feeling, so I may try some more of these from Bomb Cosmetics when I place an order in the future.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul Oct 2014 (6)

Has anyone else got any products from Bomb Cosmetics recently? I’d love to know if you have. And if you want to hear about any of the products mentioned in more detail then just let me know and I’d love to do that. I’ll probably end up doing reviews of some of my favourites anyway, but if there’s anything in particular you would like to see then please do let me know.


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