You Beauty Discovery Box – November 2014

You Beauty Discovery Box

November 2014

So, I’ve had my box for about two and a half weeks now, but just never seemed to get around to posting it. November has been crazy, and not really for good reasons and I’ve found it quite hard to keep up with my posting schedule. But this is what I got in my You Beauty Discovery Box for November, and I’m pretty impressed this month.

You Beauty Discovery Box Nov 2014

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Tag – Winter Beauty Tag – November 2014

Winter Beauty Tag

November 2014

So I saw this on the lovely Katie’s Blog at Plus+ Beauty and thought it looked like loads of fun. If you haven’t seen Katie’s blog then you really need to go and check it out, it’s awesome!

1. What’s your go-to moisturiser this winter?

I don’t really have anything in particular. I’m currently loving the Body Shop Body Butters. I’m using the Passion Fruit one at the moment.

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Lip Gloss Review – Lovely Girl 9

Lip Gloss Review

Lovely Girl – 9

I’ve found myself reaching for this lip gloss a lot this autumn and I decided it was time that I shared it. This is a cool toned bright pink lip gloss from the brand Lovely Girl and I believe it is in the shade 9, it doesn’t appear to have a name. I got this in Portugal when I was there on holiday this summer, so I don’t know much about the brand and can’t really find much online, but I believe this lip gloss only cost around €2 at the very most.

Lovely Girl Lip Gloss 9 (1)

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Nail Varnish Picks – Winter 2014

Nail Varnish Picks

Winter 2014

The weather and the season really can influence which nail varnishes I grab for when I’m painting my nails, often times without me even realising it. So I thought I’d share some of my favourite nail varnishes for the winter months. When the weather does turn cold, I find myself reaching for lighter cool toned colours, many of which remind me of frost. As much as I do find myself influenced by the season when choosing my nail varnish, you can of course wear whatever colour you want when you want to. But these are some of my favourite nail varnishes for winter.

First up is Barry M’s Lady, which is a white and silver textured nail varnish. I always wear this with topcoat as I don’t like the textured finish, but this one really does remind me of frost and ice. You can read my review of this nail varnish by clicking here. And in the photo it is shown with topcoat.

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