Nail Art – Black Cats and Witches Hats

Nail Art

Black Cats and Witches Hats

I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m not actually a huge fan of Halloween but you’d never know that considering the amount of Halloween nail art I’ve fine this year. You can click here to see my Frankenstein nail art, here to see my Spiders and Webs nail art and here to see my Dracula nail art. This is the last Halloween nail art design I’ve done for this year and I’m calling it Black Cats and Witches Hats. Again it’s not the most original of designs, but I still wanted to share it.

Black Cats and Witches Hats Nail Art (1)

I started with a basecoat as always and I used A-England’s The Knight.

I always like to use a base colour when I’m doing nail art, I don;t really like the look of a bare nail underneath a design that doesn’t fill the whole nail if you get me. So I eventually settled on a grey colour for this design and I used Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine’s Chai. On my thumb and index finger I created black cats. Taking a small dotting tool and a black nail varnish, I used A-England’s Camelot, I drew a black semi circle on the bottom part of my nails and then filled it in, I added two black triangles to the top of it to create the cats ears. Then I took a bright green nail varnish, I used Lime Crime’s Pastelchio and a medium sized dotting tool and added two dots for eyes. To complete the eyes I added to smaller black dots within the green. So cute and so easy.

On the rest of my nails I created witches hats. I couldn’t decide what colour I wanted to use for the hats, so I done two purple and one green. the purple I used was American Apparel’s Dynasty and the green I used was Lime Crimes Pastelchio. Using a small nail art brush and the colour of the hat I started by creating a large triangle on my nail. Then towards the bottom of that I made a thick black horizontal band, I used A-England’s Camelot again. And in the middle of that black band I drew a small square in gold to create a buckle. I used Lovely Girl’s 1205.

And then I sealed everything in with a topcoat. I used Glisten & Glows H K Girl Topcoat. I really do love how this design turned out!

Black Cats and Witches Hats Nail Art (2)


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