Nail Art – Dracula

Nail Art


One nail art look I really wanted to create this autumn was a Dracula nail art look. Once again you can find loads of different versions if you look on google, but I wanted to share my take on them. And this is the look I came up with. I didn’t have loads of time, so Dracula himself is only on my accent nail. He turned out a lot cuter then I thought he would, so this is how I created this look.

Dracula Nail Art (1)

As always I started with a basecoat. And since I knew I was going to be using quite a lot of glitter in this manicure, I used my Peel Off Basecoat from Makeup Academy (you can read my review of this nail varnish by clicking here). I then painted my thumb, ring and little finger a murky green grey colour, I used OPI’s Stranger Tides and my index finger and middle finger red, I used Topshop’s Toot.

I started by creating Dracula on my ring finger. Taking a black nail varnish, I used A-England’s Camelot, I drew a sort of ‘m’ shape across my nail mid way down my nail and then filled the top section in with black, to create Dracula’s hair line. Then with a red nail varnish, I used Topshop’s Toot, and a large dotting tool, I created two dots for the eyes.

Giving the first layer for the eyes some time to dry, I switched back to my black nail varnish and small nail art brush and drew two small lines over the eyes to form eye brows. Then I switched to a slightly smaller dotting tool and a white nail varnish, I used Zoya’s Snow White and placed a white dot in each of the original two red ones.

Switching back to the black nail varnish and small nail art brush again I drew a horizontal line beneath the eyes to form the mouth and then drew two tiny vertical lines coming down from that to create fangs. And I added a tiny red dot at the tip of each fang for blood. And then to complete Dracula I switched to an even smaller dotting tool and placed a black dot in the middle of each eye.

Then for the rest of my nails I used different red and black glitters. Over the nails I painted red, I put a layer of Accessorize’s Ladybird, with is a red jelly varnish with small black glitter particles and on the nails which were the murky green grey colour I put a layer of Lac Attack’s Dementor’s Kiss. Both Ladybird and Dementor’s Kiss were on my Unfeatured Nail Varnish List.

And then I finished everything off with a topcoat. I used Glisten & Glow’s H K Girl Topcoat.

Dracula Nail Art (2)


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