Nail Art – Frankenstein

Nail Art


So now that it is October I am no longer classing it as too early for Halloween Nail Art. I went away in October last year and barely got to do any Halloween nail art, so I’m determined to make up for it this year. So the first Halloween Nail Art I’ve created this year are these simple Frankenstein nails. There are loads of tutorials out there for Frankenstein nails, but I thought I’d share my version of them with you.

Frankenstein Nail Art (1)

So this design is actually really simple, you only really need to make lines and dots. My nails are quite small so I only created Frankenstein on my middle and ring fingers, I done stitches on the rest of my nails. So I started off with a base coat, and I used A-England’s The Knight.

Then I painted all my nails green. Now you can use any type of green you want, light, dark, somewhere in the middle. I personally used Essie’s The More The Merrier, which is a chartreuse type of green colour and which was on my Unfeatured Nail Varnishes List.

Then taking a small nail art brush and a black nail varnish, I used A-England’s Camelot, I drew small black triangles coming down from the top of my nail and then filled them in to create Frankenstein’s hair. Then using a medium sized dotting tool I placed two black dots towards the middle of nail to form eyes. Then switching back to my small nail art brush but still using the same black nail varnish I drew a small horizontal line across the bottom of my nail. I then placed three small vertical lines going through the horizontal line to create the mouth. And to finish the Frankenstein look I used a small dotting tool and a white nail varnish, I used Zoya’s Snow White, to place a small white dot in the black dots to finish off the eyes.

On my other nails I crated stitches like I did for the mouth but at different angles. I used the same black nail varnish and the same small nail art brush.

And finally I finished everything off with a topcoat. I am currently using Glisten & Glow’s H K Girl Topcoat.

Frankenstein Nail Art (2)


23 thoughts on “Nail Art – Frankenstein

  1. I feel like that about my blog at times. But you need to try and not judge it against other peoples. I thought about majorly changing my blog a couple of months ago because my most popular posts seem to be the makeup beauty posts I do, but nail varnish is my main interest and I finally came to the conclusion that I have to blog about what I like. And I’m happy if my viewing figures get into double figures on any given day. Blog about what you like, in a style you like. And if you want to expand your readership, the best way to do that is to comment on other blogs. That’s something I know I’m not good at, but blogging consistently helps as well. xxx

  2. Yh I know what you mean about changing it up, ive tried it a few times but it hasn’t really worked out for me, although I wear make up ect it doesn’t interest me as much as polish does, I dunno why but I guess that’s just the way it is. As for consistency I try to post at least 4 times a week more if I can, although I do find myself running out of post ideas? Any suggestions? πŸ™‚ xxx

  3. I’ve amazed myself that I’ve managed to blog every other day so far this year. Blog about what you like. I do reviews in nail varnishes which I know aren’t current or trendy but they’re what I like so I blog about them. Posts which I consider to be quick and easy are my collection series posts which people seem to like. Hope that helps xxx

  4. Yh it really does I do a bit of each though some are new collections and some are polishes that are years old from my own collection, I’ll check out your blog and get some inspiration if you don’t mind πŸ™‚

  5. I don’t mind at all, one post I do each month is my Nails of the Month post for the previous month. Just keep track of what nail varnish you’ve been wearing (I keep a list on a draft post) and take a photo and there you have it, blog post with photos of nail varnish πŸ™‚ xxx

  6. I should really do something like that, but to be honest I know my nail varnish collection pretty well, even though it’s extensive. It’s usually only newer nail varnishes I can’t remember if I’ve bought yet or not. Is it bad that if someone asked me to I could probably make a really good attempt at writing down what varnishes I have from each brand without looking? Obviously I wouldn’t remember them all but I think I’d get a good 90%!!! xxx

  7. No I think if it’s your passion then it’s it’s not bad, it’s just like my boyfriend being able to know the model, badge and engine of a car when it passes him in the street , he’s a massive axe fanatic and that’s his passion. At the moment most of my polishes are in storage so I probably couldn’t tell you the names of then, but I had them with I defiantly could

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