Nail Varnish Review – Love Thy Polish He Lives In You

Nail Varnish Review

Love Thy Polish – He Lives In You

I came across the nail varnish brand Love Thy Polish when I was looking for a completely different nail varnish from a completely different brand online. I had never even heard of the brand Love Thy Polish before but I was on the Harlow & Co website when this nail varnish caught my eye. It has a grey base with red, blue and white glitter in it.

Love Thy Polish He Lives In You

Now the first thing that attracted me to this nail varnish was the name. And sure enough, when I looked at the product description this nail varnish is inspired by one of my all time favourite animated films; Disney’s The Lion King. The Lion King is pretty much tied in first place for my favourite animated Disney film. And this nail varnish is in particular inspired by Rafiki, the baboon. At least I think he’s a baboon…

Anyway, this nail varnish has a grey crelly like base with sparse silver micro glitter in it, small white hex glitter, slightly larger red hex glitter and small blue square glitter in it. The glitter in this is not dense, but it’s not so sparse that you struggle to get any on the nail. I really quite like that there isn’t a ton of glitter in this nail varnish because it means that you still get to see the gorgeous grey base and the glitter just adds a hint of sparkle.

The formula on this nail varnish is quite good. Now I’m the type of person that does very thin coats of nail varnish, so it took me about three coats to get it completely opaque. You may be able to get away with two if you do thicker coats.

I really like the brush on this nail varnish, but as I say in pretty much every nail varnish review I do, this pretty much comes down to personal preference. I don’t like wide nail varnish brushes because my nails are quite small. And while this brush isn’t super thin, it’s also not overly wide.

Love Thy Polish He Lives In You

Removal of this nail varnish isn’t overly difficult because the glitter isn’t overly dense. But it isn’t super easy because any nail varnish with glitter can be a bit stubborn and require some elbow grease to get the glitter off. But it’s not horrific to remove.

I think this nail varnish suits Rafiki perfectly. The only thing I’m disappointed about is that Love Thy Polish don’t have a full Lion King collection. From the looks of things this is the only Lion King inspired nail varnish they have. And if anyone does want to create a Lion King inspired nail varnish line, I’ve got loads of ideas!


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