Nail Art – The Ryder Cup 2014

Nail Art

The Ryder Cup 2014

So once again it is Ryder Cup year and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to cheer on Europe in front of the TV for the next three days. I doubt it’ll be anywhere near as tense as last time though. By the end of the 2012 Ryder Cup I barely had any of the nail art design I had created left on my nails, I’d picked it all of due to nerves! You can see that nail art design by clicking here. I did debate doing golf courses again, but for this Ryder Cup I decided I wanted to come up with a different design, this time with a strong blue theme. So this is what I’ve created.

Ryder Cup 2014 Nail Art (1)

On my thumb and ring finger I have an Argyle print because the jumpers golfers wear are often Argyle prints, on my index finger I have golf balls flying through the air, on my middle finger is the Ryder Cup itself and on my little finger is a European Union flag.

As always I started with a basecoat and as usual I used A-England’s The Knight. Then I painted my thumb and little finger a dark blue, my index and ring fingers a light blue and my middle finger white. The dark blue I used was Wynie’s C010, the light blue I used was Topshop’s World’s End and the white I used was Zoya’s Snow White. All three of them required two coats to be fully opaque. The Argyle print patterns on my thumb and index finger are pretty much the same, I’ve just reversed the blue colours.

Starting with my index finger, on the light blue base I used my dark blue colour, Wynie’s C010, to created a few very light, almost barely there vertical lines to try and indicate wind and speed and golf balls flying through the air. Then I took a large dotting tool and a white nail varnish, I used Zoya’s Snow White, to create some large round dots to form the golf balls. And then I places tiny silver dots inside the white ones, I used OPI’s I Want To Be A-Lone Star, to create the golf ball look. These actually turned out better than I expected them to.

On my middle finger is the Ryder Cup. With a small nail art brush and a gold nail varnish, I used A-England’s Holy Grail (the original limited edition version), I drew a semi circle at the tip of my nail and filled it in. I then drew a vertical line from the top of that semi circle to the centre of my nail and then at the top of that line I drew a large circle and filled it in. On either side of that circle I drew ‘c’ shapes for the handles of the cup and on top of that circle is another small dot, circle type shape to represent the golfer that stands on the top of the trophy. Then to complete the look I drew a thin brown line, I used Essie’s Chocolate Cakes, at the bottom of my original semi circle to represent the base of the Cup.

On my ring finger I took my dark blue nail varnish, Wynie’s C010, and drew a ‘X’ shape on my nails. I then filled the top and bottom sections with the dark blue colour. The with a white nail varnish, I used Zoya’s Snow White, I drew two parallel lines going across my nails to create a triangular grid pattern (or a wonky # sign). And for my thumb, where I used dark blue on my ring finger, I used light blue and vice versa.

And finally my little finger. This one is so easy. With a small dotting tool and a yellow nail varnish, I used New York Color In A Minute’s Lexington Yellow, I created a small circle of dots.

And finally I finished everything off with topcoat. I used A-England’s The Shield.

Ryder Cup 2014 Nail Art (2)

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