Nail Varnish Collection – e.l.f – Autumn 2014

Nail Varnish Collection


As Of Autumn 2014

I’m determined to get this Nail Varnish Collection series finished at some point, I started it a year ago! And knowing me, it may take another year to finish. Anyway, these are all my e.l.f nail varnishes, which are some of the oldest in my collection and also some of the most affordable. You can see the other posts in my nail varnish collection series by clicking here.

e.l.f Nail Varnish Collection (3)

e.l.f Nail Varnish Collection (1)

In this first row are Golden Goddess, Desert Haze, Smoky Brown, Mint Cream and White. The white I mostly use in nail art, or if I need something under a neon nail varnish. Desert Haze and Smoky Brown are both lovely colours and Mint Cream is one of my favourites.

e.l.f Nail Varnish Collection (2)

And in this second row are Lilac, Sunset, Red Velvet and Black. Red Velvet is one of my favourites at Christmas time. The Black I mostly use in nail art and it has a really nice formula.

I really should wear my e.l.f nail varnishes more often because I have some lovely colours. I need to try and reach for them more.


14 thoughts on “Nail Varnish Collection – e.l.f – Autumn 2014

  1. I know, it’s a brand which has a lot going for it. I haven’t got anything from them for a while, I may need to have a look and see if there nail varnish range has any new colours. xxx

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