Nail Varnish Review – Dollish Polish I Volunteer As Tribute

Nail Varnish Review

Dollish Polish – I Volunteer As Tribute

If you saw my haul post here, then you know I recently bought my first ever nail varnishes from Dollish Polish. And I am totally in love with them, so much so that I need to share them on my blog. And if I wasn’t trying to save money at the moment I would totally have already bought more but I’m trying to be sensible at the moment and use things I already have. Plus, there’s no way I actually need more nail varnish (not that that will actually stop me!). This nail varnish is I Volunteer As Tribute and is inspired by The Hunger Games.

Dollish Polish I Volunteer As Tribute

I’m a really big Hunger Games fan, but I prefer the book to the film. This nail varnish is a black jelly type base with red, orange and yellow hex glitter of two different sizes in it. The colours in this really do represent the Hunger Games well, black for District 12 where the main characters live and the colours of the glitter since the main character becomes know as “the girl on fire”.

This nail varnish applies well. Because it is a jelly type base it is a little bit sheer so you need two to three coats to get it completely opaque. That or you could layer it over black. You get plenty of glitter though and it lies flat on the nail. In some of my photos it looks like it doesn’t lie flat, but it really does, this is just a super hard nail varnish to photograph. Since this is a fairly chunky glitter the removal is not the easiest but that’s pretty much to be expected with a glitter like this.

Now this nail varnish wears really well, which is one of the things which inspired me to write this review in the first place. I wore this nail varnish for an entire week with only minimal tip wear occurring after five or six days. So needless to say that is something I’m very impressed with, there are very few nail varnishes that I can wear for that length of time.

I love all of the nail varnishes I’ve bought from Dollish Polish so far and I really hope that I’ll be able to get some more in the future but I’m trying to be sensible and save money at the moment, I’d definitely recommend them though and I think that I Volunteer As Tribute is a lovely colour for autumn and I’m already thinking about possibly wearing this on Bonfire Night, which is one of my favourite nights of the year and I always do my nails especially for it.


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