Yes Love Haul – July 2014

Yes Love Haul

July 2014

So this is the last part of my epic nail varnish haul from Portugal. All these nail varnishes are from the brand Yes Love. This is the brand I bought the most nail varnishes from. I have eleven nail varnishes to show you. The other brands I bought from while I was in Portugal are Letitica Well (see haul post here), Lovely Girl (see haul post here) and Wynie (see haul post here). I like all the nail varnishes I got, but some of these I wouldn’t buy again, even if they were on €1. With me buying more of this brand I suppose there was more chance that some of them wouldn’t be as good as some of the others. And once again none of them have names, only numbers.

This first nail varnish is in the shade G26-1. This is a glitter topcoat in a glow in the dark base, which has different shades of purple, green and yellow chunky flowers in it. A little bit of fishing was required to get the glitter out, but that’s to be expected with this type of glitter. In the photo I’ve swatched it over black. I totally didn’t realise that this was glow in the dark when I got it.

Yes Love G26-1 over Black

This next nail varnish is in the shade G26-2 and is very similar to the one above apart from that it is in shades of green and yellow, which I think will be lovely in Spring. Again it is swatched over black, it’s glow in the dark and some fishing was required to get the glitter out.

Yes Love G26-2 over Black

This next shade is G2-2. This is again in a glow in the dark base and it has a fine white micro glitter in it, with slightly larger blue micro glitter. I thought this would be great on white over white for a frosty look. But this is the one which disappoints me most. I’ve swatched it over black so you can see the colour of the glitter better, but it is very sparse and on most nails I didn’t even get any of the blue.

Yes Love G2-2 over Black

I got several from what I am assuming is there flakey topcoat line. These all contain flakey glitters in sheer tinted bases. I’ve swatched them all over white to show you the tinted base best, but when I do actually wear them, I’ll use them over a colour similar to the base colour. This first one is G25-1 and is in a grey tinted base with that iridescent glitter that goes from red to orange in the light.

Yes Love G25-1 over White

This next one is G25-3 and is that same glitter but in a bright blue base. I love this one.

Yes Love G25-3 over White

This next on is G25-5 and it has a greeny coloured base, I don’t know if I’d describe it as a mint green or as a teal, it’s a bit of an unusual colour.

Yes Love G25-5 over White

And the last of the flakey topcoats I got is in the shade G25-6, which has a sheer purple base.

Yes Love G25-6 over White

And now moving on to the nail varnishes that originally attracted me to the brand. These are all bright (almost neon) pastels with bright glitter in them. The really do remind me of indie nail varnishes, but they were only €1 whereas indie nail varnishes can be expensive. These are some of the nail varnishes I have already worn as full manicures and they look great. They’re just a pain to remove, like most glitters are. This first one is in the shade G1-2 which has a neutral base with orange undertones and the bright neon glitters in pink, yellow, green and orange.

Yes Love G1-2

This next one is in the shade G1-4 and it has a bright green base with pink, blue and purple neon glitter. It might also have orange, there’s a lot going on in these glitters! This is one of the ones I’ve already worn.

Yes Love G1-4

G1-3 is one of the nail varnishes I actually wore while I was still in Portugal. It has a bright blue base, with strong green undertones, with the neon glitter mixed in. there’s definitely blue and pink glitter in there, and a couple other colours as well I think.

Yes Love G1-3

And the last one I have is in the shade G1-1 and it is a bright purple base with darker purple, blue, pink and orange glitter mixed in, with maybe a few other colours. I haven’t worn this one yet simply for the reason that I know how difficult these are to remove. It is so pretty though!

Yes Love G1-1


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