Products I’ve Finished – August 2014

Products I’ve Finished

August 2014

I’ve been trying to use up a lot of kind of summer scented products and things I brought back half used from my holiday and I’ve kind of succeeded. I really want to buy some new stuff for autumn but I’m resisting so far (apart from Bath & Body Works candles because they are amazing and I’ve already spent loads on them and will probably buy more!). But I have so much stuff I want to try and use up at the moment.

Products I've Finished August 2014 029

Firstly I’ve finished a packet of makeup wipes this month. These are my usual Makeup Be Gone Moisturising Wipes from Johnson’s. It seems like since I’ve come back off holiday I’ve got several open packets of makeup wipes!

Products I've Finished August 2014 003

I’ve finished a bottle of nail varnish remover. This is the acetone nail varnish remover from Superdrug, which is pretty good and a decent alternative when I can’t find my usual Elegant Touch one, which seems to be all the time at the moment, I’ve been looking for it all month!

Products I've Finished August 2014 005

I have finished a tube of Avon’s Advanced Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Mask hair mask this month. My hair has been in awful condition since coming back from Portugal and this stuff has started to help, but then I ran out. I’ve used this before and I will definitely be repurchasing it as soon as I can.

Products I've Finished August 2014 007

I’ve finished a Bath & Body Works PocketBac Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel this month. This one was in the scent Pure Paradise and it smelt incredible, it’s easily one of my favourites.

Products I've Finished August 2014 009

I’ve finished my Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover. I used this everyday while I was on holiday and only had a little bit left when I got home. This done it’s job really well but it was a little bit too greasy for my liking, so I probably wouldn’t repurchase it.

Products I've Finished August 2014 011

I have finally finished my Dirty Springwash Shower Gel from Lush. This was on my 10 Products I Want To Finish In 2014 List. I have no idea why it took me so long to use this up, it is so refreshing and I love it. Lush Shower Gels are a little pricey though.

Products I've Finished August 2014 013

I have finally had to admit this month that my Bronze Goddess by Estée Lauder is finished. This is my signature summer scent and I love it! I’ll definitely be getting this again next year as soon as it’s released! Until then, my mum still has a bit left in her bottle if we have any really nice sunny days in September!

Products I've Finished August 2014 015

I’ve finished a Body Shop Body Butter in the scent Blueberry. This was a really nice scent and was perfect for summer. This does say limited edition on it, so I’m not sure if it’s just available in summer or if it’s ever coming back, but if I do see this scent again then I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. I love Body Shop Body Butters anyway.

Products I've Finished August 2014 017

I have finished my Olay Essentials Complete Care Plus Everyday Sunshine Moisturising Cream. I didn’t even realise I was near the end of this until it was gone, but I did already have a back up in.

Products I've Finished March 14 (8)

I have finished four candles this month, I’ve been trying to burn through my summer scents since I’ve already spent a load of money of more autumn scents. I’ve finished two from Bath & Body Works and two from Cushty Candle Co. This first one is a mini candle from Cushty Candle Co. and is in the scent Mint Choc Chip Icecream. This smelt nice and burnt really evenly, but it’s not my favourite candle scent.

Products I've Finished August 2014 019

The second one from Cushty Candle Co. is in the scent Citrus Bergamot and this is now my favourite Cushty Candle Co. scent, it smelt so strongly of lime, which I just love. However, this is the first Cushty Candle Co. candle I’ve had that hasn’t burnt evenly and I’m a little disappointed about that because I love this scent so much!

Products I've Finished August 2014 021

Firstly from Bath & Body Works I have finished a mason jar candle in the scent Lemon Drops. This was nice, but maybe a little bit too sweet.

Products I've Finished August 2014 023

And the second candle from Bath & Body Works is a three wick candle in the scent Summer Boardwalk. The more I burnt this, the more I appreciated the scent, it really does smell like popcorn! I’ll probably consider buying this again next summer if they have it, although maybe in a smaller size.

Products I've Finished August 2014 025

And finally this month I’m having to part ways with four mascaras. Unfortunately I came home from Portugal with an eye infection, and despite being extra careful it spread from one eye to the other. I’d used all four of these mascaras in the days leading up knowing I had an infection, so there’s no way I’m going to risk using them again! The first one is the Lash Potion By Grow Luscious Volume & Length Mascara in Blackest Black from Revlon, I didn’t really like this, so I’m not too sorry to have to chuck this one out. The next one is the New York Color Show Time Volumizing Waterproof Mascara in Black, I wore this everyday round the pool or at the beach in Portugal, so probably got my money’s worth and there probably wasn’t much left, this is definitely something I would consider purchasing again when I next need a waterproof mascara. The next one is the New York Color Sky Rise Lengthening Mascara in Carbon, I really liked this one and will probably purchase it again. And the last one is the Thick & Fast High-Definition Collagen Coat Mascara in Film Noir from Soap and Glory, I started off really liking this when I was in Portugal, but then it seemed to start to go goopy, but that may have had something to do with the heat in Portugal, so I may consider repurchasing this and giving it another go.

Products I've Finished August 2014 027

Now to get all of these into the correct recycling box/bag!

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