Haul – H&M, Zara, Superdrug, Boots and Candy Hero


H&M, Zara, Superdrug, Boots and Candy Hero

I took a shopping trip with my mum and sister the other weekend and I bought a couple things. And almost everything is something that I need, I’m trying to use up a lot of products I currently have at the moment and I’m doing really well with it.

But I do pretty much need a complete new winter wardrobe. So firstly from H&M I got a charcoal grey sweatshirt, which will be great for everyday casual wear. And it was only £5.99, a total bargain. They also had it in different colours, so if you’re looking for a sweatshirt I recommend you try H&M.

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Sunny’s Body Products Seasonal Box – Halloween 2014

Sunny’s Body Products Seasonal Box

Halloween 2014

So I discovered Sunny’s Body Products when I was reading The PolishAholic’s website. And I was immediately curious, and was also in the market for some new hand care. And once I discovered that Sunny’s Body Products ship internationally, I decided to try some. And the best way to try a few items seemed to me to be to pick up the limited edition seasonal box. And this one is Halloween themed. You can find Sunny’s Body Products on their website here.

The box contains six different products in six different scents. And although not all the products are technically full sized, none of them are small! And there was also a few sweets added in, which I’m really excited about because America seems to have the best sweets, which we can’t get over here in England.

Sunny's Body Products Halloween 2014 Box (1)

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Nail Art – The Ryder Cup 2014

Nail Art

The Ryder Cup 2014

So once again it is Ryder Cup year and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to cheer on Europe in front of the TV for the next three days. I doubt it’ll be anywhere near as tense as last time though. By the end of the 2012 Ryder Cup I barely had any of the nail art design I had created left on my nails, I’d picked it all of due to nerves! You can see that nail art design by clicking here. I did debate doing golf courses again, but for this Ryder Cup I decided I wanted to come up with a different design, this time with a strong blue theme. So this is what I’ve created.

Ryder Cup 2014 Nail Art (1)

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Makeup Remover Review – Soap and Glory Drama Clean 5 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water

Makeup Remover Review

Soap and Glory – Drama Clean 5 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water

So, towards the beginning of this year I discovered Micellar Waters and have been using them, along with a couple of other products, to remove my makeup whenever I wear it ever since. I’ve been using the Garnier one but had finished my latest bottle of that when I was on the Boots website (see haul post here) and noticed that Soap and Glory now have their version of a Micellar Water. It’s their Drama Clean 5 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water and I couldn’t resist buying a bottle to try.

Boots Sept 2014 Haul (6)

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Nail Varnish Collection – e.l.f – Autumn 2014

Nail Varnish Collection


As Of Autumn 2014

I’m determined to get this Nail Varnish Collection series finished at some point, I started it a year ago! And knowing me, it may take another year to finish. Anyway, these are all my e.l.f nail varnishes, which are some of the oldest in my collection and also some of the most affordable. You can see the other posts in my nail varnish collection series by clicking here.

e.l.f Nail Varnish Collection (3)

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Boots Haul – September 2014

Boots Haul

September 2014

This is just a small Boots haul as I needed a couple of things. There were so many more things I wanted to buy but I’m currently trying to be sensible and finish up products I already have. I actually ordered these things online because the one product I really needed I hadn’t been able to find anywhere. And of course, a couple of other things did find their way into my basket.

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Nail Varnish Review – Dollish Polish I Volunteer As Tribute

Nail Varnish Review

Dollish Polish – I Volunteer As Tribute

If you saw my haul post here, then you know I recently bought my first ever nail varnishes from Dollish Polish. And I am totally in love with them, so much so that I need to share them on my blog. And if I wasn’t trying to save money at the moment I would totally have already bought more but I’m trying to be sensible at the moment and use things I already have. Plus, there’s no way I actually need more nail varnish (not that that will actually stop me!). This nail varnish is I Volunteer As Tribute and is inspired by The Hunger Games.

Dollish Polish I Volunteer As Tribute

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