Leticia Well Haul – July 2014

Leticia Well Haul

July 2014

So this is the next part of my epic nail varnish haul from when I was on holiday in Portugal. These are all from the brand Leticia Well and from the little bit I’ve been able to find out online they are from the XXL line, which I am assuming is named due to their size. These bottles each contain 20ml, which is huge for a nail varnish. Once again I got four nail varnishes from this brand and I have already worn all but one of them. Indeed, I even wore one of them while I was in Portugal. The other brands I bought nail varnishes from were Wynie (see the haul post here), Lovely Girl (see the haul post here) and Yes Love (see haul post here). Once again, none of these nail varnishes have names, only numbers.

This first colour is in the shade 60. This is a vibrant orange colour, bordering on neon. The formula was a little bit sheer but it was fairly easy to work with and it was completely opaque in three coats.

Leticia Well XXL 60

This next varnish is in the shade 67. This is the first nail varnish I bought in Portugal and I wore it while I was on holiday. It is a vibrant neon green colour and you can see my review of this nail varnish by clicking here.

Leticia Well XXL 67

This next colour is in the shade 68. This is a gorgeous bright baby blue colour, which is completely opaque in two to three coats. This nail varnish featured in my Aladdin Nail Art and you can read my review on this nail varnish by clicking here.

Leticia Well XXL 68

And this last colour is in the shade 65. This is a lovely aqua teal type colour, which again is opaque in about two coats.

Leticia Well XXL 62

Considering all these nail varnishes were only €1 they are of a really good quality. And I still can’t believe just how much product you get for your money.


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