Outfit of the Day – Dolphin Watching and Cave Exploring Boat Trip on Holiday

Outfit of the Day

Dolphin Watching and Cave Exploring Boat Trip on Holiday

The main purpose of this outfit, was mostly about being practical. Towards the end of our holiday in Portugal, my parents and I went on a boat trip Dolphin watching and to see the local caves. We went with a company called Dolphin Driven and if anyone is going to Albufeira in Portugal then I highly recommend them. It was absolutely amazing, but it did present me with a bit of a dilemma about what to wear. While the weather in Portugal was hot while we were there, many days did start out quite overcast and cloudy, but still very warm and muggy, before the sun managed to burn through the cloud, and sometimes this took past midday. There was also a very strong breeze a lot of the time, which made it quite deceiving how warm it was at times.

Portugal 2014 709

The boat trip departed the marina at midday and true to form the day did begin overcast. There was also the strong breeze, so I knew I didn’t want to be wearing a skimpy top and short shorts, I ideally wanted something to cover my shoulders and keep me a little warmer while we were out at sea. So I wore the longest pair of shorts I took with me, which is this grey pair from Next. These roll up at the bottom and fast with a button and when they’re rolled up they fall to just above my knees and that’s the way I like to wear them. When I unroll them they fall to just past my knees and don’t look so good, so I kept them rolled up for this trip.

I only really took one casual t-shirt with sleeves in it with me on holiday, and that is the one I travelled in, and it wasn’t really suitable for Dolphin watching. So this gave me a perfect excuse to buy something new (I would have got it anyway, but it seemed more justified if it was for the boat trip). It is a kind of dark pink and cream tie-dye, marbled effect material, with a pink ribbed collar and a picture of two women on the front, one of whom is playing ta musical instrument, possibly some kind of flute. And best of all, the sleeves fall almost to my elbow. This is definitely one of my favourite t-shirts at the moment. I got it from was called As Mil e Uma Noites, I don’t think there’s a brand name or anything like that.

I didn’t want to wear my flip flops because I don’t like wearing them at the best of times, I don’t like having things between my toes and I didn’t think they’d keep my feet warm enough. So I wore my gladiator sandals from Topshop. These have become my favourite pair of sandals this summer, they are so comfortable and they look great.

May Haul 032

I took a small bag with me, I needed some way to securely carry my camera. I used my small lime green satchel from Topshop because it fastens really securely.

Paris OOTD (2)

Now, my hair does not do the windswept look, so I wore my favourite baseball cap, which shows my support for the Cleveland Indians Baseball team. My hair was half straight and I put it back in a high ponytail and plaited the ponytail. I also looped my hair through the cap so that it didn’t blow away!

Seeing as it was daytime, I didn’t wear my perfume, instead I put on a sprintz of my Body Shop Coconut Eau De Toilette. Seriously, this stuff smells amazing, I wore it everyday while I was away.

The Body Shop Haul June 2014 (5)

And also while on the boat, we had to wear the compulsory life jacket, which was orange in colour and clashed completely with my t-shirt, but oh well, what are you going to do?

Portugal 2014 479

And on my nails I was wearing one of several nail varnishes I bought while I was in Portugal. This one is from the brand Yes Love and is in the shade G1-3.

Yes Love G1-3

The boat trip itself was simply amazing. I can’t believe I got to see Common Dolphins in the wild! I’ve got a couple of photos for you, but basically it was hit and hope when trying to take photos and I got some incredibly lucky shots! The caves were really amazing, but the dolphins totally stole the show.

Portugal 2014 397

Portugal 2014 278

Portugal 2014 292

Portugal 2014 389


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