My First Mac Lipstick

My First Mac Lipstick

This is a really quick post because I’m so excited! I am now the owner of a Mac lipstick. And I just have to share how happy I am!

Mac Syrup (4)

Before I started this blog I had next to no interest in makeup. This blog started as and indeed still is primarily, a nail varnish blog. But through that and due to interacting with other amazing bloggers, my knowledge in makeup has slowly grown and I’m now eager to try new products. I still don’t wear makeup everyday but I am now confident enough with my application skills that I’m not self conscious about how I look. I still have to keep it simple though, I really want to work on crating eye looks, but anyway, I digress.

A year ago, less than that even, I never thought that I would own any Mac products. Before I went to Portugal I treated myself to my first Lip Glass and I’m already totally in love with that, but there’s something about owning a Mac Lipstick which just seems like such a milestone. So anyway, on to how this milestone actually came about.

Mac Syrup (2)

It all started the other day when I was browsing the amazing beautyaddict88’s blog, if you haven’t already, go and check it out. Anyway, I was reading here post about pink drugstore lip products and we shared out appreciation of the Revlon Lip Butter in the shade Strawberry Shortcake. Anyway, she recommended a Mac lipstick in the shade Syrup to me. Just in general conversation, I mentioned to my mum the other day that I was looking at swatches of it and didn’t think anything of it. Then my mum went shopping with my younger sister yesterday and I got a random phone call asking me what Mac shade I had been looking out. I continued watching the football with my dad and didn’t think anything of it, my sister is really into makeup and always looks stunning, so mum was probably just telling her what I had been looking at. At least that’s what I thought.

Mac Syrup (1)

But when they got home, having stopped to pick up my sister’s puppy, I discovered to my delight, that my mum had bought the lipstick for me! So I am now the proud owner of the Mac lipstick in Syrup and I love the colour, I can’t wait to use it!

Mac Syrup (3)


2 thoughts on “My First Mac Lipstick

  1. congratulations on your first mac lipstick..i have never had one either..i would love to try ruby woo and a purple color from them…sooonnn come i guess 🙂

  2. Thank you, I couldn’t believe it when my mum got it for me. I hope you’re able to have your first Mac lipstick soon. But be warned, now that I have one there are definitely a couple of others I now want to get my hands on! This could get expensive… 🙂 xxx

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