Tag – 15 Things I Wouldn’t Wear – August 2014

15 Things I Wouldn’t Wear Tag

August 2014

I was tagged by the lovely Clare to do this tag (go and check out her blog if you haven’t already) back when I was on holiday in Portugal, so it’s took a while for me to get round to going this. Now these are just 15 things that I personally wear, it’s just a bit of fun. I’ve read a load of these posts and they aren’t meant to be taken personally, I’ve seen some things on posts I’ve read which I west fairly often, but if that’s something someone else wouldn’t wear, well that’s up to them. And if you see something on my list that you do wear, don’t let me stop you! This is just my personal opinion and these are 15 things that I won’t wear.

1. Toe-post shoes

I hate the feeling of having anything between my toes. Just, ugh! I only have one pair of flip flops for the beach which are really soft and I still struggle to get them on.

2. Socks with toes in them

For pretty much the same reason as above, I couldn’t stand having the material between my toes! I also can’t really see the purpose of them…

3. A Straw Hat

I look ridiculous in a hat, especially one with a brim all the way round. Give me a baseball cap any day!

4. Fingerless Gloves

I don’t get the point of these. If I’m going to put gloves on to keep my hands warm then I want my fingers to be warm aswell!

5. Hot Pants

I need my shorts to fall almost to my knees to be comfortable wearing them.

6. Leggings without a long top, dress or skirt

Basically if I’m wearing leggings, I wear something with them which covers my butt, whether it be a dress, a skirt or a long top.

7. A Onesie

Just no! I’ve never seen the appeal of them.

8. Boob Tube Tops

I don’t feel comfortable unless I have something on my shoulders, even if it is only spaghetti straps.

9. Anything that is just black and white stripes

It’s a football (soccer) fan thing! One of our biggest rivals play in black and white vertical stripes, so dad and I don’t wear just black and white stripes together.

10. My hair any shorter than shoulder length

My hair is so thick, curly and frizzy that it just grows outwards if I don’t have the weight of the length to keep it growing downwards.

11. A fringe, either a full one or a side one

It totally doesn’t suit me and it would annoy me to no end and I’d just end up clipping it back.

12. A tattoo

I love them on other people but I can’t think of anything that I would permanently want to mark my body with. Plus I’m a wimp when it comes to pain.

13. Shoes without socks

Apart from if I’m wearing sandals, but if I’m wearing trainers or boots or whatever, I have to wear socks.

14. False eyelashes

I think these can look great on other people but I really don’t like the idea of attaching something with glue to my eyelid. Plus I wear contact lenses and am very careful about what goes near my eyes.

15. Bright coloured mascara

What I mean by this is basically anything other than black or brown. I just don’t think I could pull it off!


24 thoughts on “Tag – 15 Things I Wouldn’t Wear – August 2014

  1. I’m a Middlesbrough fan, I tolerate Sunderland because my Grandad supports them and plus they play in the same colours as us! So you’ll kind of be in my neck of the woods this weekend if you’re coming up to the Stadium of Light, I hope it’s a good match for you, the Stadium of Light is a nice stadium πŸ™‚ xxx

  2. Ah, sorry, my bad! Sunderland was my first thought when you said your rivals played in black and white πŸ™‚ Yes I guess I will be! I’ll wave on my way up the A1 haha. It’s my second game at the Stadium of Light – the first was a couple of years back – I went to Durham University so we thought it’d be fun to go and see Sunderland v Arsenal one day – it was great, you’re right! My boyfriend’s a huuuuge United fan and I’m a fairweather one so we’re going for his birthday on Sunday πŸ™‚ xxx

  3. Aah I love my onesie! I wouldn’t wear it out the house though, that’s a big big nono. I agree with boob tubes though, just why?! Also leggings with no top or skirt? Especially if they are see through? Or said person has a hungry bum? They make me cringe xx

  4. If I want to be comfy at home I’m much more of a pyjama bottoms, fluffy socks and hoody kind of girl, a onesie has just never appealed to me. And see through leggings really make me cringe, I just don’t get how people don’t know they’re see through! The boob tube thing is something I need to get over quick though, because typically the one thing I said to my sister when I agreed to be maid of honour is anything other than a boob tube dress, and guess what I’ve got?! It’s a stunning dress but I know I’m going to feel uncomfortable all day! xxx

  5. Most people would probably have guessed Sunderland as the Sunderland Newcastle rivalry is really big but the Middlesbrough Newcastle and Middlesbrough Sunderland rivalry is pretty big as well, well apart from in my family since my grandad supports Sunderland. Although now since we’re in a lower division we have a pretty big rivalry with Leeds (the referee totally cost us the game last Saturday!) Dad and I will be watching the Sunderland Manchester United match on TV on Sunday, so I’ll look out for you! πŸ™‚ xxx

  6. We’ll probably look confused – we’re sitting at the Sunderland end so can’t show any sign of enjoying United’s play haha! It’s much easier to purchase tickets from their website than United’s because you don’t have to go on a weird ballot list. I love that the North East has such intricate rivalries – and there are always family differences aren’t there haha? Mine are from the North West so there’s always a red/blue issue! And referees are so naughty sometimes. Or inattentive. Both, usually πŸ˜‰ lucky you having a sports channel! We’ll wave hehe xxx

  7. I live with my parents so we have all the sports channels, dad and I watch a lot of sport as you may have gathered from some of my nail art looks. I’ll look out for a confused couple in the Sunderland end, waving! πŸ™‚ xxx

  8. Oooh lucky you! My dad always objected to paying for them, something about Murdoch. Blah blah πŸ˜‰ I love watching football with my dad though – we FaceTimed during the World Cup haha. You’re so lucky to have games available to watch together every weekend πŸ™‚ xx

  9. It’d barely be worth dad and I having a TV if we didn’t have the sports channels! I’m impressed your dad knows how to FaceTime, mine wouldn’t have a clue. I’m always watching football with my dad, he’s been a season ticket holder at Middlesbrough for as long as I can remember and I’ve been one for at least five years now, as soon as I could afford to pay for it myself πŸ™‚ xxx

  10. Awwwh that’s so cool! Boyf and I are really tempted to get season tickets for United but it’s a stupidly expensive club to support. I love it that you and your dad get to enjoy that together! Xxx

  11. Middlesbrough aren’t too expensive to support in the grand scheme of things, thankfully. There’s plenty of heartbreak though, they know how to disappoint! I’d love to go to a match at Old Trafford, the stadium looks amazing! I don’t know what I’d do on Saturday afternoons if I didn’t have football, probably spend a lot of time and money shopping, so the football is probably the cheaper option! Hope you enjoyed the match yesterday. xxx

  12. It was great despite the result! Had so much fun. I’ve been to Old Trafford this year to watch SoccerAid – it’s the first time I’ve been there and it was so good! Especially when Mourinho tripped up Olly Murs before slinking back to his seat hahaha. Awwh it’s a shame Middlesborough cause you so much heartbreak, but at least they don’t break the bank πŸ™‚ still so jealous that you have the football on the telly hehe xx

  13. I’m glad you enjoyed your day. And at least they didn’t lose! I watched Soccer Aid on the TV, that Mourinho Olly Murs trip was so funny. I don’t know what I’m going to watch this weekend since it’s the international break πŸ™‚ xxx

  14. I know, what are we supposed to do? Usually I’m checking my fantasy premier league team on Saturday afternoons haha. Do you do fpl? We could make a beauty bloggers league haha, although it might only have us two in it by the sounds of things! Xx

  15. Today just wasn’t right without football! And yes, I do Fantasy Football, we have a mini league at work on the Sun’s website. Beauty Bloggers League sounds like a great idea. Speaking of Fantasy Football, I need to make some transfers, I had the bright idea of putting Tim Howard in goal at the beginning of the season (can we say minus 8 points?!) xxx

  16. Haha brilliant! My team is on the fantasy premier league website πŸ™‚ I forgot to update my team today but fingers crossed it’ll do ok. Ramsey is captain haha. Oh no minus 8 points! Ouch! I always used to put Hart in goal but he got too expensive so now I have Mignolet xxx

  17. We’ve just had a transfer window so I took Howard out and typically he then went and got a clean sheet! Middlesbrough were away from home yesterday, but managed to get a winner from a penalty in added time, so dad and I went to our local Northern League team. I love supporting and watching football at grass roots level, it’s such a different experience but one I would recommend to any football fan. xxx

  18. Awwh that’s so cool! I used to go to watch my boyfriend play football for our college at Durham – not quite the same as grass roots level but the experience was always nice. Loved having a nice walk down to the fields on a Saturday morning πŸ™‚ that Middlesbrough game must have been an exciting one to watch! Last minute goal woohoo! xxx

  19. Usually it’s us conceding the last minute goal! I had the alerts coming up on my phone and it was a do I want to look, don’t I want to look moment when it said we had a penalty in the 90+2 minute… Thankfully he scored and we got three points πŸ™‚ xxx

  20. You quickly learn when you’re a Boro fan that nothing is certain until the final whistle goes. My dad still references a match when I was too little to go where we were winning 4-0 with only about 5 minutes to go and only drew 4-4! πŸ™‚ xxx

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