Tag – 15 Things I Wouldn’t Wear – August 2014

15 Things I Wouldn’t Wear Tag

August 2014

I was tagged by the lovely Clare to do this tag (go and check out her blog if you haven’t already) back when I was on holiday in Portugal, so it’s took a while for me to get round to going this. Now these are just 15 things that I personally wear, it’s just a bit of fun. I’ve read a load of these posts and they aren’t meant to be taken personally, I’ve seen some things on posts I’ve read which I west fairly often, but if that’s something someone else wouldn’t wear, well that’s up to them. And if you see something on my list that you do wear, don’t let me stop you! This is just my personal opinion and these are 15 things that I won’t wear.

1. Toe-post shoes

I hate the feeling of having anything between my toes. Just, ugh! I only have one pair of flip flops for the beach which are really soft and I still struggle to get them on.

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