Wynie Haul – July 2014

Wynie Haul

July 2014

So, I may have done a lot of nail varnish shopping while I was on holiday in Portugal in July, something which I didn’t expect when I went. But all the nail varnishes were only €1 each, so I ended up coming home with 23 new nail varnishes… oops? So that’s €23 I spent, which google’s handy converter tells me is £18.39, which isn’t bad at all for 23 nail varnishes. I got a couple of different brands and I’m going to do a separate haul post for each brand. So all of these nail varnishes are from a brand called Wynie. They don’t appear to have names, just numbers. I only got four from this brand but now that I’ve got them home and swatched them, I wish I had got more because I am seriously in love with them. The other brands I bought from were Leticia Well (see haul post here), Lovely Girl (see haul post here) and Yes Love (see haul post here).

This first one is the shade H011 and is a lovely red colour. I’m not sure what drew me to this when I was in the store, but something did. I’m not usually a huge red nail varnish wearer. When I bought it I thought it was a crème nail varnish, which made it even stranger for me to be drawn to it. But when I swatched it, it does have a very fine hot pink shimmer throughout it, which makes it simply glow on the nail. I like this so much that once I had finished swatching the others I put this back on to wear it. You can read my review on this nail varnish by clicking here.

Wynie H011

This next nail varnish is in the shade C037. This is a purple nail varnish with a load of silver shimmer in it. The formula on this one was a little bit thin and sheer, but it was completely opaque with three to four coats.

Wynie C037

This next nail varnish is in the shade C047. This is a blue toned purple crème nail varnish with an excellent formula. I know that if I’m careful when painting my nails I can get away with one coat with this nail varnish. One thing about this nail varnish though is that it just would not photograph well, it is a purple nail varnish, whereas it shows much more blue in the photo. It is a purple with very strong blue undertones.

Wynie C047

And the last nail varnish is in the shade C010. This is another crème nail varnish and is a bright, medium to dark blue. Kind of like a royal blue. And like C047, the formula on this is amazing. Again, if I’m careful, this could be a one coater.

Wynie C010

So I’m super happy with all the nail varnishes I got from Wynie, especially for €1 each. I’m very jealous of anyone in Portugal who can get these. If I ever come across this nail varnish brand anywhere else I would not hesitate to buy a load more!


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