Nail Art – Disney’s Aladdin – The Genie

Nail Art

Disney’s Aladdin

The Genie

Rest In Peace Robin Williams

So I, along with so many others, was shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Robin Williams earlier this week. He was an actor who I grew up with and who was in some of my favourite films throughout my childhood. So in honour of his work and to remember the fun times he gave, I came up with a simple nail art look inspired by one of my favourite character’s who he played. The Genie in Aladdin. I’m still trying to figure out if I can come up with any designs for Jumanji, Hook or Mrs Doubtfire nails. Or maybe even Flubber, which was so bad it was good, in a strange sort of way? So anyway, this is a really simple look inspired by the Genie.

Disney's Aladdin The Genie Nail Art (1)

I started with my normal base coat, A-England’s The Knight and then I painted all my nails a bright blue colour, Genie colour, basically. The nail varnish I used for this was Leticia Well XXL’s 68.

Now on my thumb and little finger I’ve created a kind of twilight sky, inspired by some of the lovely back drops to the movie, especially in one of the scenes were the Genie gives the now Prince Aladdin a hug. My index finger represents the wristbands worn by the Genie, my middle finger shows his sash and my index finger his ponytail.

Disney's Aladdin The Genie Nail Art (2)

So starting with my middle finger, I painted the bottom section a slightly darker blue using Barry M’s Boots Limited Edition A Bikini, and this is supposed to represent the trousers the Genie sometimes wears. Then I created a thick white band where the two blue colours meet and filled it with red to represent the Genie’s sash. The red I used was OPI’s Coca-Cola red. I used a white base first to make sure that the red stood out.

On my index finger I took a gold nail varnish, I used Lovely Girl’s 1205 and drew two curved lines down each side of my nail for his wristbands. And that is that. Really simple and easy.

Now on my ring finger, I’ve created the Genie’s ponytail. I don’t know why, but something about the ponytail just makes me happy. So I started my creating a thick curved black line down the centre of my nail, I used e.l.f’s black. And then at the top of the ponytail I placed a small gold dot using Lovely Girl’s 1205, to create the Genie’s hair tie.

To create the night sky with stars look on my thumb and little finger, I used a makeup sponge to create a gradient using a darker blue and a purple over the light blue colour already on my nails. The nail varnishes I used to do this were China Glaze’s Frostbite and China Glaze’s Creative Fantasy. And then to create the stars I topped the gradient with a layer of INM’s Out The Door Northern Lights topcoat in Silver.

And then I sealed everything in with my favourite topcoat, A-England’s The Shield.

Disney's Aladdin The Genie Nail Art (3)


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