Dollish Polish Haul – August 2014

Dollish Polish Haul

August 2014

So, I’d heard about Dollish Polish on a load of different blogs and although I really, really wanted to try some of their nail varnishes, I managed to resist, considering how expansive my nail varnish collection is. Then Dollish Polish released their Ultimate Fandom Collection. And I was unable to resist no more, end of story. Although I did manage to narrow it down to buying only four nail varnishes, I wanted a few others, but just went with my four favourites. I bought all of these nail varnishes from Dollish Polish’s website. And I bought what is classed as the mini size, which is 9ml, as opposed to full sized which is 15ml. My Topshop nail varnishes are some of my favourites, and they’re only 8ml, so I figured 9ml was definitely big enough and I wouldn’t really describe them as mini.

This first nail varnish is One Lifetime With You and is inspired by Lord of the Rings. This possibly isn’t the first colour I would imagine when designing a Lord of the Rings nail varnish collection, and believe me, if anyone who makes nail varnish wants to and needs inspiration, then get in touch! But this nail varnish is about Arwen and Aragorn’s love story and is inspired by Arwen’s dress in the film from the scene where she tells Aragorn she would rather spend one lifetime with him then to live forever. This is currently the only one of the four I have worn and it took three thinnish coats to get it completely opaque. It is a lovely lilacy purple colour with different purple and blue micro glitters in it.

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